Erdenet Carpet Company, equipped with German, Poland, UK and Japanese machinery was established in 1981. In 1990, Erdenet carpet the former state-owned company was completely privatized. The well known Mongolian business entity Nomin Holding had became the major shareholder since 1999 thus conducting its management activities.Erdenet Carpet is one of the 10 largest manufacturing and trade companies in Mongolia producing and providing pure woolen rugs, runners and wall to wall carpets. In 2008 year we are developing camel wool and cashmere production. Our products comply with the International ISO 9001 standard and thanks to efficient R&D program we became primary owner of the Woolmark label with 0001MN certificate number in Mongolia.
Yearly, participating in the main International fairs like Domotex, Hannover; Eurasia Floor, Istambul; Domotex Asia, China; Flooring Russia, Russia, and Qing Hai Tibetan carpet exhibition, Tibet company get acquainted with the modern carpet tendency and technological innovation.
Incorporated 1981
Capacity and ability Wool washing plant – annual capacity of 2000 tons wool Spinning department – annual capacity of 2444.0 tons woolen yarn Weaving department – annual capacity of 1.3 million sqr.m rugs
Plants and Equipments Germany, Poland, UK, Japan
Technology Incorporate cut-pile 3-1 shoot, double base
Material 92-100% sheep wool
Number of employees Over 1000 employees

Products Pure woolen rugs, runners, wall to wall carpets with 3-4m width, felt and felt products, woolen quilts, washed wool, spun thread and cashmere products
Exports Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Spain, Sweden, USA, Russia, China
Erdenet Carpet providing its customers a wide variety of choices with its 4 different qualities of pure woolen rugs , runners and wall to wall carpets over 720 patterns, differing in designs, colors and sizes. Woolen rugs are getting back into its rightful place as the world’s premium apparel and Interior Textile. Within the growing market, Erdenet Carpet became globally known and most popular national brand. According to the effective management and innovation system company supplies almost 70% of domestic market and produces high quality products for different foreign markets. Our woolen products are durable, resilient, affords comfort and safety. Erdenet Carpet offers manufacturing and fitting services of woolen rugs, runners and wall to wall carpets based on design, color, and size as requested by the customer.

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