The village Erdobenye is located 20 km from the town of Tokaj, in a valley surrounded by mountains and vineyards, in the middle of the famous wine-region ‘Tokaj-Hegyalja’, in Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen County. The village is one of the centres of the wine-production in this region.

The Coopers of Erdobenye are the only one in the world who have still preserved the tradition of the dance of the Coopers, which they handed down from father to son, and which they perform every year in summer on the Festival of Coopers.


This region can attract not only the lovers of wine, but also the lovers of the nature. Because of the clear air and low pollution, this region is a climatic health resort and can be a very good place for making excursions. There is a valley called ‘Aranyosi-Volgy’ in the nature conservation area near the village, which is the Paradise for tourists and bikers.

In the towns of Boldogkovaralja, Sarospatak, Szerencs, Fuzer, Regec, castles and ruins of old castles show us the history of the past. River Bodrog is an ideal place for those ones who enjoy different kinds of water-sports. Tourists can be amazed by the beautiful landscape where the two rivers: Tisza and Bodrog meet. The forests of Zemplen Mountains can be adventurous.

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