Erzurum is a city in eastern Anatolia, Turkey.Little of medieval Erzurum survives beyond scattered individual buildings such as the citadel fortress, and the Cifte Minareli Medrese.


Erzurum is one of the main travel hubs of Eastern Turkey, especially for Iranians. Erzum has got a wonderful historic sites. It has got historic mosque, medresses. Erzurum has good connections to Trabzon, Van and Malatya. It is very cold in winters where the temperature runs around -30C.

Six kilometres to the south of the center of Erzurum is an important skiing center on the Palandoken Mountain range.


The main bus station has bus links to most major Turkish cities. Erzurum is also the main railroad endpoint for the Eastern Anatolia region. Erzurum airport, also used by the Turkish Air Force, has runways that are the second longest in Turkey.

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