Esquina Corrientes

Corrientes has Paye says the popular saying from the area. Paye in the land of the acient Guaranies means majesty, the leyend says whoever visits Corrientes falls in love completely.

Posada hambare is exactly like that, its a place where youll fall in love and youll never forget it. It is the best place to perceive fluvial essence of the Mesopotamia.

The place is unique for its nature and its environment, it is located in front of the Corrientes River giving the most spectacular view from the house. That River begins at the Esteros del Ibera and ends up by the Esquinas port, crossing by unexplored landscapes fulfilling by its beauty along its way, making the River become the only in the world that does not have villages or small towns in its way until its end at Parans River.

Esquina is a very old fishermens town and it still exist a doubt about its time of foundation. It seems a place taken from time, with its traditional streets and pass ways decorated by the famous trees of lapachos. Its church, its houses and its warm-hearted people clearly show the influence from the Spaniards and Italians.

Posada hambare is an ideal place for a perfect holiday, it is a place that allows you to do absolutely everything; such as relaxing, enjoying and simply fascinating yourself. It is the place where youll live the majesty of Paye.

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