Estremoz, easily reached from Evora, is best known as one of three ‘marble’ cities. It is located in the Alentejo region. The region around Estremoz has been inhabited since pre-historic times. There are also vestiges of Roman, Visigoth and Muslim occupation.


Two other marble towns, Borba and Vila Vicosa, Estremoz is internationally known for its fine to medium-grained marble that occurs in several colourswhite, cream, pink, grey or black and streaks with any combination of these colours. This marble has been used since Antiquity as a material for sculpture and architecture. The first exports in Roman times were probably for the construction of the Circus Maximus of Emerita Augusta, in today Spain.

The marble from this region was used in famed locations such as the Monastery of Jeronimos, the Monastery of Batalha, the Monastery of Alcobaca and the Tower of Belem.