June 5-11, France & Switzerland

Eurasian Business Summit, which is organised by LVA (UK) since 1999, is one of the most important platforms for international dialogue between businessmen and politicians of the Eurasian area (CIS, Eastern Europe, Asia) on the one hand, and the EU, OECD countries on the other. Russian Chamber of Commerce in EU partners with LVA (UK) to support and promote that important annual event.

The aim of the Eurasian Business Summit is to showcase the enormous investment opportunities present across Eurasia to the corporate world. Key decision makers, experts, dignitaries, and ambassadors, along with senior government officials of various countries will converge at the Summit to explore optimal opportunities and current threats? Overcome difficulties in development and realization of investment projects.

Boasting huge economic potential & expansive economic growth, Eurasia is a territory of vast natural riches and adequately enormous intellectual and human resources. It stretches between the affluent lands of Europe and the economic powerhouses of Japan and China, as its influence reaches every country, every company, every businessman and politician in Europe and beyond. Opportunities are countless, mistakes are unwarrantable, policies are continuously shaping and changing, and people are enthused. And now the competition among the regions in the search for foreign investors is intensifying. The territories are vastly different by their potential, business conditions and operational risks, as well as the authorities’ efforts in risk mitigation. Only that with the best conditions become successful and the establishment of the attractive investment climate has now become the most important issue for the regions of the Eurasian continent.

This year we look back at the dynamic political and economic changes in and around the Eurasia, and try to understand the value of these changes and their future potential. Looking at present the Summit will analyze the current economic, political and social realities in the ever-evolving region. With these in mind, the Summit seeks to explore the future, predicting possible dangers, as well as areas of potential prosperity, and, more importantly, your opportunities and possibilities:

Gateways for Eurasian companies in Europe and globally – entering new dimensions
Opportunities for Western investors in Eurasia – exploring the unsaturated Eurasian markets
Cross-region trade and cooperation: starting a new or continuing to move forward
Which sectors are currently most attractive for investment and why. Sectors of the future


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