Events in Spain

Events in Spain have a great effect on Spain’s tourism. The celebration–loving country observe some or the other Festival and events in almost every month. Special tour packages are organized around these festivals and people immensely love to participate in them. In the month of January, the Reyes Magos or Three Kings (the Epiphany) is celebrated in Spain. Distribution of gifts is the highlight of this festival. The streets are crowded with bands, floats and dancers. On 17th January, the Fiestas de San Antonio Abad is celebrated in Mallorca. Tamborrada de San Sebastian includes a march of the drums.
During the 2nd week of February, a carnival is celebrated in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Canary Islands. It includes fancy-dress parades and musicians. In Caceres, Extremadura, the Pero Palo is celebrated. In the month of March, Fallas de San Jose is celebrated in Valencia. One of the most important festivals in Spain is Semana Santa or Easter Holy. The most enjoyable festival in Spain is Seville’s Semana Santa. In the month of April, the festivals like Fiesta de Moros y Cristianos, Alcoy in Alicante, Feria de Abril are held. On Dia de la Cruz, the crosses of flowers are arranged in the village of Cieza in the month of May. In Alicante, the pagan festival of Hogueras de San Juan is celebrated in June. The Semana Grande is held in the month of August. Tourists can experience the traditions, music, dances, dresses and general folklore during the Festival Internacional de Folklore en el Mediterraneo. It is held in September.
Fiestas de Haro that is celebrated in June includes the famous ‘Wine Battle’. La Tomatina is a very famous festival held in August. Every year, several people gather in the Spanish town of Bunol and throw more than 240,000 pounds of tomatoes at each other. The Bull’s Running is the most popular and exciting event in Spain. It is held in Pamplona from 7th to 14th July every year. Festivals and Events in Spain are the unique part of the cultural heritage of Spain. Visitors can participate in the celebrations of the festivals and get an insight into the ways of life of the people here. Many tourists from all over the globe are attracted to the festivals and events of Spain.

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