Excursions in England

Excursions in England form a major part of England tours. England is divided into different counties which are major tourist attractions. They are major areas of Excursions in England. The idyllic locale and historical specimens in England have made it a favourite spot for excursions.
England is home to many scenic destinations which has paved path for England Excursions. London is one of the major centers of Excursions in England. Some of the most charming excursion trips can be undertaken from here. Some of the major excursion trips are:
Excursions to Oxford: It is one of the popular centers of sightseeing in England. Travelers visit the beautiful university town of Oxford. Oxford is one of the most picturesque areas in the country. The city is full of ancient structures. The Oxford University is also a renowned academic institution in the world. Oxford is a diverse city which has a blend of traditional and modern style.
Excursions to Cambridge: Cambridge is also a renowned university town and is known for beautiful buildings and historical relics. It is a great place to visit and a serene spot away from the busy atmosphere of London. Cambridge is a city full of diversities. It blends modern and traditional culture.
Excursions to Stonehenge: Stonehenge is located near Amesbury in the county of Wiltshire. It is home to various Neolithic monuments which are made of rocks and earth and have geometric patters. The place is UNESCO heritage site and draws thousands of tourists every year.
Apart from these, other popular centers of Excursions in England are The Lake District in Cumbria, Glastonbury Abbey in Somerset, The Dorset Coast, Tintern Abbey, Wye Valley in Wales and Ottery St Mary. Some of the country houses are also major destinations of England Excursions. They are Chatsworth in Derbyshire, Powderham Castle in Devon, Killerton House in Devon and Cothele in Cornwall.
Undertaking Excursions in England is also easy as wide varieties of transport routes are available. Various railway and bus companies arrange for excursion tours to the popular spots. Government agencies as well as travel agents also organize excursions. Accommodation is also available in the spots and travelers can enjoy various activities like camping, boating and fishing.