Excursions in Kiribati

Excursions in Kiribati is a must for you while you are on your Kiribati Tours. The beautiful island nation of Kiribati is tucked away in the central tropical Pacific Ocean. It comprises of 33 atolls dispersed over 3,500,000 square km of total area. You can start off your Excursions in Kiribati with visiting the Christmas Island. This island is a popular resort and the largest coral atoll of the world. The beautiful lagoons add more to its unspoilt natural charm. Next, you can take a trip to the Fanning Island. Also known as Tabuaeran, it is part of the Line group and a cruise destination. Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities which you must go for. Sightseeing tours are also available.
Your destination for Excursions in Kiribati, can be the Abemama Island. Located in the Gilbert Group, Abemama is famous as the home of Robert Louis Stevenson in 1889. Marakei Island, part of the Gilbert Group, can also be visited for Kiribati Excursions. An interesting thing about Marakei Island is that this beautiful atoll is shaped like two halves of a circle joined by a lagoon in the middle. If you are interested in swimming and waterskiing, then you are sure to have a great time here.
Next, you can visit Butaritari Atoll for more Excursions in Kiribati. This island which belongs to the Gilbert Group, is profusely covered with verdant green vegetation. This was the site of fierce fighting during the World War II. Today, it has evolved into one of the most sought after leisure destinations offering ideal conditions for snorkeling and swimming. Banaba Island is an uplifted limestone island is one of three great phosphate rock islands in the Pacific Ocean. Coming here, you will find four villages and old relics which date back to the days of phosphate mining. It is part of the Gilbert Group and is accessible only by boat.
Excursions in Kiribati can also give you wonderful opportunities for game fishing. The waters of Kiribati are teeming with various species of fishes and the ocean around Christmas Island is abundant with sailfish, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, grouper, trevally, bonefish and sharks. You can also look forward to diving and bird watching for more Excursions in Kiribati.

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