Excursions in Malaysia

The people of Malaysia are well-known for the warm hospitality it exudes. Each of the different races has one thing in common, the hospitality. Excursions in Malaysia give the opportunity to explore the various attractions in Malaysia. Those of you who appreciate the natural world must find Malaysia is among the most attractive place on earth, as the country is blessed with immense natural beauty from primal forests, having shoreline mangrove to mountain top oak which is known to exist in myth. The natural trees and forests of Malaysia covers three fourth of the land area. One can marvel at the flora around the hundreds of miles of walkway in a canopy of greenery.

For Excursions in Malaysia, there is an extensive range of options available for tourists. These include half-day, full day and the Package tours available for the tourists. There are also Adventure Trips, Diving Excursions, Fruit Orchard Visits as well as Gourmet and Educational Tours and Visits to Aboriginal Villages.

The Excursions in Malaysia include many places of interests to visit.

These include:

Historical Malacca from Kuala Lumpur – South of Kuala Lumpur is the historical Malacca which is the oldest trading port in the whole of Malaysia. It has gone Portuguese, Dutch as well as English rule. The St. Paul’s Hill gives a panoramic view of the Malacca and its straits and also the town of Bandar Hilir.

Kuala Selangor Fireflies- The country side of Kuala Selangor is a small rustic town popular for its historic past and its natural heritage of Mangrove forest as well as mangrove trees. One can walk around on jungle trails and learn about local and migratory species. The place is one of the two places in the world with millions of fireflies to watch.

Batu Caves and Suburbs of Kuala Lumpur – On a drive through the Ambassador’s row on the historic Ampand Road and view the Malaysian suburban homes and the rural lifestyle. One can see the art of batik designing at the Gombak.

Pulau Payar Marine Park from Penang – Explore Pulau Payar which is the only water park off the coast of Peninsular malaysia on a high-speed catamaran.

Panching cave and Pandan Waterfalls – Kuartan
This place has a Thai-Budhist cave temple in the Bukit Charah limestone outgrowth situated on the north-west of Kuantan craning out above oil-palm and rubber plantations. Nearby one will find Pandan Waterfall, with a series of eight cascading pools.

Monkey Beach Excursions
This is a white, Sansy tropical island close to Penang
Venice of the East (water Village) – One can meet the local people here and gain an insight into their lifestyle.