Excursions in Russia

A trip to the marvelous St. Petersburg or visiting the museums or grand buildings in Moscow can be a part of you Excursions in Russia. Russia Tours should include all that you can see and explore in Russia to make your travel to the country the most cherished and memorable one. Excursions in Russia are real fun and involve lots of excitement.
The following Excursions in Russia can be done:
Moscow City Tour and the Kremlin Grounds – This is a full day tour that will introduce you to the capital of Russia that is Moscow. Here, you will get to see sights as the Novodevichy Convent, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the wonderful panoramic view from the majestic Vorobiovi Hill. Visit the Red Square to catch Russia at its best.
With the multi-colored onion domed St Basil’s Cathedral and the imposing red brick walls of the Kremlin dominating the skyline, these grand structures are ready to welcome you at the best. There is the famous Tsar Bell, the 89cm bore Tsar Cannon and the accumulated treasures housed in the Armory.
Moscow City Tour and the Metro – The Moscow City Tour and the Metro was built between the 1930s and the 1960s, where thousands of people toiled and died to create the city’s first mass transport link, the metro. As you will enter the Metro, you will see many metro stations that reflect a rich and colorful works of art with marbles and fresco paintings.
Pushkin Fine Arts Museum – As part of your Excursions in Russia, visit this famous Arts Museum that houses over 500,000 works of art of every variety. There are lovely paintings and sculptures to graphic art, archaeological monuments and photography. Tourists and painters can see a great collection of Russia’s finest collection of foreign art dating from thousands of years ago to the present day.
Kuskovo Estate – The Kuskovo Estate located at downtown Moscow is a sort of mini Versailles that was initially created in the 1770s as the countryside residence of Count Sheremetiev to entertain its guests and arrange for receptions.
Bolshoi Theater – The Bolshoi remains one of the best nights out in Moscow, where you can see an avid ballet or opera fan.
Among the Excursions in Russia, you can travel to St Petersburg that wonderfully combines its fascinating Russian heritage with a distinctly European outlook. In your Excursions in Russia, you can also include a visit to the Balaam monastery, Asimov mosque and the natural monuments of Russia.

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