Excursions in Taiwan

Excursions in Taiwan are an enriching and enjoyable affair. Embark on exotic Excursions in Taiwan and extensive Taiwan tours and make the most of your holiday.
Some of the popular Taiwan excursions include a full day tour from Taipei to Taroko (Marble) Gorge, Wulai Aboriginal Village Half-Day Tour from Taipei, Chiufen Village and Northeast Coast Half-Day Tour from Taipei, Yangmingshan National Park and Hot-Spring Half-Day Tour from Taipei and Half-Day Folk Arts Tour to Yingko and Sanhsia from Taipei to name a few. Browse through Taiwan travel guide and get to know more about the Excursions in Taiwan.
Take a full day tour from Taipei to the Taroko (Marble) Gorge and add pleasure to your Excursions in Taiwan. Some of the attractive highlights of the tour are a visit to the Taroko Gorge Gateway, Marble Factory, Chi Hsing Beach, Hualien and Hualien Stone Sculptural Park, Eternal Spring Shrine, Swallow Caves, Tunnel of Nine Turns and Tienhsiang Lodge.
Taroko Gorge is regarded as one of the wonderful assets of Asia. You cannot miss a visit to the Taroko Gorge on sightseeing in Taiwan and Excursions in Taiwan. Your journey will take you through several marble tunnels featuring the Swallows Grotto, the Tunnel of Nine Turns and the marble bridge of Motherly Devotion. You can pay a visit to the Chi Hsing Beach and Hualien Stone Sculptural Park after satiating yourself with a gala lunch.
You cannot afford to miss the Wulai Aboriginal Village Half-Day Tour on excursions from Taipei in Taiwan. This takes about 4 hours. The tour has attractive features like a push-car ride, Aborigine folk dance, Wulai waterfall, Swallow Lake and a Chieftain Statue.
Wulai is easily accessible from Taipei. It is the best place to provide glimpses into the lives of the aboriginal tribesmen who were once the head hunters of Taiwan. Don’t miss a sight of the Wulai Waterfall, on excursions to Wulai. The aborigin girls along the scenic mountainside will bring to life the old and modern times of the aborigines through lively performances. Another destination you must not miss a visit to is the Chiufen Village and Northeast Coast from Taipei on Excursions in Taiwan.


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