Excursions in Tunisia

Tunisia tours offer ample opportunities to put your adventurous self on trial. One of the countries in the northern part of the African continent, Tunisia is situated in close proximity to the great Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean sea. Packed with unlimited fun, excitement and adventure, excursions and tours in Tunisia will take you to some unusual tourist destinations in Tunisia.
The most favored destination for various excursions and tours in Tunisia is the expansive desert. The desert covers up to forty percent of the total land. The part of Sahara desert that lies close to Tozeur has been the venue where films like The English Patient and Star Wars were shot. You can also opt for excursions in Tunisia that gives you an opportunity to enjoy the desert trekking from Douz. You can either opt for a camel safari or drive a 4-wheeler, the fun and excitement remains the same. Make sure that before setting out on a desert safari, you have all the required documents and permission. Your plans for the safari should be informed to the National Guard. Before you board the vehicle, check whether there are the full tool kit and handbook, spare tyre, fuel and water, a compass and emergency rations.
The vast fields of wilderness are popular places for varied excursions and tours in Tunisia as well. It is the focal point of the desert tourism industry in Tunisia. Take a trip to the Chott El Jerid, a lake of a series of large salt lakes. You can also visit the hot-spring spas spread throughout Tunisia. There are more than 100 hot-spring spas in the country that cater to the taste of a number of health conscious travelers. Many of these spas date back to the Roman and Punic times. For a pleasant day trip, cross the coast near the city of Sfax to Kerkennah.
There are many tourist attractions in Tunisia that comprise popular venues for sightseeing in Tunisia. The famous World Heritage sites like the capital and the principal port of Tunisia, Tunis and the ruins of the magnificent old Carthage on the outskirts of Sidi Bou Said are quite popular destinations for excursions and tours in Tunisia.