Excursions in USA

Want to see America in a totally different way you must try out excursions in USA. This will help you to explore the best of America and there is no doubt that you will enjoy the excursions in USA. So come and have a wonderful vacation by discovering America through excursions.
Why excursions are interesting – Excursions help you to give a complete insight of America as you come to know of the following facts: Various geographical regions of America, A thorough knowledge of America’s history and culture, Introduction to great regional music and food, Different interesting outdoor activities, Getting introduced to the people of America.
There are various places where you can go while you are in an excursion to USA. These are:
The Arch and the Pyramid – The Arch and the Pyramid are the two monuments that show America’s wonderful artworks. These two structures also carry symbolic meaning. The Gateway Arch in St. Louis represents America’s opening of the west to commerce and settlement. The Pyramid of Memphis on the otherhand compares ancient Egypt’s advanced society with our own. Both of these monuments are situated on the banks of the Mississippi River. From here again you can visit the Mud Island. This is a scale model flowing replica of the Mississippi river with geographical details of cities and the tributaries of river. You can also have a rare glimpse of the confluence of the Mississippi and the Ohio River. If agriculture is what that attracts you then you can check out the Caruthersville, Mo., district. The other attractions that you can visit are Old St. Vincent’s Church, The Cape Heritage Museum and the historic Glenn House.
Expanding Frontiers – These expanding frontiers will make you introduced to music, rivers and people of America. If you are in this trip you can see the Cumberland and the Tennessee River, Shiloh National Park, Customs House Museum, New Madrid, Mo, cities like Paducah, Ky., Clarksville, Fountain Square, Country Music Hall of Fame and Krohn Conservatory. You can also go for a shopping in these regions.