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The Valley Travel and Tourism

The Valley is located in Anguilla and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 18.2167° N and longitude : 63.05° W.
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Anguilla Tourist Attractions - The Valley
Anguilla Tourist Attractions Anguilla has everything you might expect from a Caribbean island, with gorgeous bays, some of the best white sand beaches in the world, palm trees and the turquoise ocean all around. That lovely setting is of course what draws most travellers here, and it allows for perfect lazy days of sunbathing and swimming. There are some stunning coral reefs just outside the coast, which make it a fine destination for scuba diving or snorkelling. If you're not that sporty, hop on one of the glass bottomed boats to have at least a glance. Shoal Bay can compete with any beach in the world and has a great reef. Other popular bays are Barnes, Rendezvous, Road and Little Bay, but you can choose from 33 fine beaches in total. From ...

When To Go Anguilla - The Valley
When To Go Anguilla High season runs from mid-December to mid-April. ultra-high season runs the week or two around Christmas and New Year, when prices can more than double. The average annual temperature is 80°F (27°C), but the hottest weather occurs during the hurricane season between June and November. Rain is heaviest between August and November, so those wanting to avoid both bad weather and high prices might want to schedule their holidays for mid-November to mid-December or in late April or May. Some places shut entirely in September. There are many places to dine in Anguilla, with a wide variety of cuisines to chose from. The prices also vary depending on the selected restaurant. Though the East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) is t...