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Hamilton Travel and Tourism

Hamilton is located in Bermuda and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 32.2942° N and longitude : 64.7839° W.
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Bermuda's appeal lies in its special blend of cultures - Hamilton
Bermuda's appeal lies in its special blend of cultures Bermuda's appeal lies in its special blend of cultures, a Bermuda-shorts-and-knee-socks-meets-reggae-and-calypso melange of colonial history and African heritage. When you start thinking about traveling to Bermuda, keep in mind that the weather is relatively cool in winter and spring. As a result, Bermudas peak travel season (when prices and demand are highest) is May through August, the opposite of the Caribbean (which Bermuda is not technically part of). Bermuda Activities and Attractions Renting a moped to tour the island is an absolute must, as is strolling through the historic towns of St. George (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Hamilton. You will also want to check out the Bermuda Maritime Museum at the Ro...

Sightseeing and Attractions in Bermuda - Hamilton
Sightseeing and Attractions in Bermuda Renowned for its pink sand beaches and natural beauty, Bermuda offers a number of other attractions, as well. Historic St. George's is a designated World Heritage Site. Scuba divers can explore numerous wrecks and coral reefs in relatively shallow water (typically 30–40 ft. in depth) with virtually unlimited visibility. Many nearby reefs are readily accessible from shore by snorkelers, especially at Church Bay. Bermuda's most popular visitor attraction is the Royal Navy Dockyard and Museum. Other attractions include the Aquarium and Zoo, Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, the Botanical Gardens, lighthouses, and the Crystal Caves with its impressive stalactites and underground saltwater pools. It is not po...