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Rio Travel and Tourism

Rio is located in Brazil and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 22.9° S and longitude : 43.2333° W.
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Festivals and Events of Brazil - Rio
Festivals and Events of Brazil The Festivals and Events of Brazil are a huge draw for the international tourists. The important Festivals and Events of Brazil include the Festival of Lavagem do Bonfim, Festa de Yemanja, Festa do Divino Folklore Festival, Lavagem of the Church of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim, June Bonfire Festivals, and the carnaval. The Festivals and Events of Brazil are celebrated amidst great pomp and grandeur. The Festival of Lavagem do Bonfim is one of the most important Festivals and Events of Brazil. The Festival of Lavagem do Bonfim is celebrated every year on the 2nd Thursday of January. During the Festival of Lavagem do Bonfim people start congregating at the Church of Conceicao da Praia in Rio and from 10 a.m. onwards the d...

When to Go Brazil - Rio
When to Go Brazil The weather is worth considering when planning a trip to Brazil, as it can have a significant bearing on how you enjoy certain regions of the country. For example, the Amazon region is one of the world's rainiest places, making travel exceedingly difficult between January and May. Similarly, if you plan to go to the Pantanal, do so during the dry season. The rest of the year, roads are washed out and travel is a nightmare. The south has the most extreme temperatures and during the coldest winter months snow is even possible - but rare. During summer (December-February) many Brazilians are on vacation, making travel expensive and frequently booked out, and, from Rio to the south, the humidity can be oppressive. Howe...

Adventure Tours in Brazil - Rio
Adventure Tours in Brazil Adventure Tours in Brazil take in a plethora of options that acquaint you with the diverse ecology of the place. Brazil Adventure Tours also incorporate adventure sports such as kayaking, skydiving, paragliding, kite-surfing, hang gliding, rock climbing, windsurfing, scuba diving and mountain-biking. Adventure Tours in Brazil thus promise you a lot of fun as well as adrenalin pumping thrill. There are a number of adventure sports centers offering instruction, training and lessons. There is ample scope for Brazil Adventure Tourism, given the middle west of the Brazil schildes, the tropical north Amazon basin, and the coastal region in the southeast and the Pantanal area in the south. Adventure Tours in Brazil take i...