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Brunei Darussalam Travel and Tourism

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Brunei Darussalam,officially the State of Brunei, Abode of Peace, is a country located on the north coast of the island of Borneo, in Southeast Asia. Apart from its coastline with the South China Sea it is completely surrounded by the state of Sarawak, Malaysia, and in fact it is separated into two parts by Limbang, which is part of Sarawak. This is odd in the fact that it is a separated country inside a separated country . Brunei, the remnant of a very powerful sultanate, regained its independence from the United Kingdom on 1 January 1984 and is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

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Culture of Brunei - Bandar Seri Begawan
Culture of Brunei Brunei's culture mainly derived from the Old Malay World, a territory which covered the Malay Archipelago. Brunei's culture is therefore deeply rooted in its Malay origins, which are reflected in the nation's language, architecture, ceremonies, and customs governing daily life. Though various foreign civilisations have played a role in forming Brunei's rich history, the traditions of the Old Malay World have left an indelible mark on the culture of modern Brunei. Today, Bruneians are predominantly Malay, though significant Chinese, Indian and indigenous Bornean populations add to the cultural makeup of Brunei. Brunei's blend of cultures, customs, beliefs and customs is therefore very similar to that of Malaysia. T...

Arts of Brunei - Bandar Seri Begawan
Arts of Brunei Brunei Darussalam is richly endowed with a cultural heritage that the government and the people have worked tirelessly to maintain. The nation's Arts and Handicraft Centre, for example, is a living testimony to the preservation and the proliferation of the arts and crafts for which Brunei was once renowned, including boat making, silversmithing, bronze tooling, weaving and basketry. Visitors will also find Malay weaponry, wood carvings, traditional games, traditional musical instruments, silat (the traditional art of self defence) and decorative items for women to be some of Brunei's most unique cultural offerings. The introduction of Islam, of course, also dramatically changed Brunei's cultural landscape, adding i...

Family Fun in Brunei - Bandar Seri Begawan
Family Fun in Brunei With its diverse range of sights and activities, high level of safety and respectful, hospitable people, a visit to Brunei is one that the entire family can enjoy. Adults will find it easy to keep busy amidst Brunei's wealth of cultural and heritage attractions, as well as activities such as golf and spa, but surprisingly, kids too will find Brunei to be an exciting and fun holiday destination they'll remember for years to come. Kids and grownups alike will delight in the thrills and non-stop fun of Jerudong Park & Playground, one of Brunei's best-known attractions. Beautifully manicured gardens envelop this state-of-the-art amusement park, satisfying thrill seekers and fun lovers of all ages. No cost has been spar...

Water Sports in Brunei - Bandar Seri Begawan
Water Sports in Brunei Sun worshipers and water sports enthusiasts will find Brunei to be an attractive new destination in the region with its deserted sun-kissed beaches, warm waters and gentle breezes. Scuba diving devotees will be thrilled with the crystal-clear waters which hide such undiscovered treasures as beautiful coral reefs and old sunken shipwrecks. Brunei waters are brimming with colourful marine life and are a superb location for reef diving that is beginning to attract international attention. They are especially famous for shipwreck dives which enable divers to glimpse the relics of bygone days when Brunei served as a major shipping and commercial centre for the region. If you'd prefer something a little bit more off ...

Adventure in Brunei - Bandar Seri Begawan
Adventure in Brunei From mountain biking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, sport fishing, wreck and reef diving in the South China Sea, to jungle hiking on well-maintained trails, the ecotourism and adventure options in Brunei are endless. Enjoy the thrill of riding a local longboat up the rapids to the nation's various national parks scattered throughout the nation's four districts. Learn to raft - whether whitewater or on a tranquil jungle river, rafting in Brunei can be a fun experience for all ages, beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike. An overnight tour allows visitors to truly experience Brunei's pristine rainforests up close, with more time to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Sunset and sunrise are when the jungle ...