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Bulgaria Travel and Tourism

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Bulgaria , officially the Republic of Bulgaria , a country in the Balkans in south-eastern Europe, borders five other countries: Romania to the north , Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia to the west, and Greece and Turkey to the south. The Black Sea defines the extent of the country to the east. Bulgaria includes parts of the Roman provinces of Moesia, Thrace and Macedonia. Old European culture within the territory of present-day Bulgaria started to produce golden artifacts by the fifth millennium BC. The first Bulgarian kingdoms on European soil date back to the early Middle Ages . All Bulgarian political entities that subsequently emerged preserved the traditions of the First Bulgarian Empire , which at times covered most of the Balkans and spread its alphabet, literature and culture among the Slavic and other peoples of Eastern Europe. Centuries later, with the decline of the Second Bulgarian Empire , Bulgarian kingdoms came under Ottoman rule for nearly five centuries. The Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878 led to the re-establishment of a Bulgarian state as a constitutional monarchy in 1878, with the Treaty of San Stefano marking the birth of the Third Bulgarian State. In 1908, with social strife brewing at the core of the Ottoman Empire, the Alexander Malinov government and Prince Ferdinand of Bulgaria formally proclaimed the full sovereignty of the Bulgarian state at the ancient capital of Veliko Turnovo. After World War II, in 1945 Bulgaria became a communist state and part of the Eastern Bloc. Todor Zhivkov dominated Bulgaria politically for 33 years . In 1990, after the Revolutions of 1989, the Communist Party gave up its monopoly on power and Bulgaria transitioned to democracy and free-market capitalism. Currently Bulgaria functions as a parliamentary democracy under a unitary constitutional republic. A member of the European Union, NATO and the World Trade Organization, it has a high Human Development Index of 0.834, ranking 56th in the world in 2006, and being listed by Freedom House as "free", scoring 1 for political rights and 2 for civil liberties.

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Culture of Bulgaria - Sofia
Culture of Bulgaria The Culture of Bulgaria is deeply rooted in Bulgarian music. Bulgarian folk music is unique in its complex harmonies and highly irregular rhythms. These kinds of rhythms, also called uneven beats or asymmetric measures, were introduced to musicologists only in 1886 when music teacher Anastas Stoyan published Bulgarian folk melodies for the first time. This was a major historical landmark in the Culture of Bulgaria. Each area of Bulgaria has a characteristic music and dance style. Bulgarian folk music inspired and was used by musicians of international repute like Kate Bush and George Harrison. Bulgarian vocal style has a unique throat quality, while the singers themselves are renowned for their range. Their voices...

Festivals in Bulgaria - Sofia
Festivals in Bulgaria Festivals in Bulgaria are a major attraction for all. There are many types of Festivals in Bulgaria. While some of them reflect the traditional heritage of the country some others try to promote the art and music of the country. There are also many sport festivals. The March Music Days is one of the most significant festivals of the country. It is a two week festival held in the latter half of March. The festival is held annually in Rousse city of Bulgaria. The festival is attended by many elite musicians. The March Music Days was the organized by the Bulgarian-German cultural cooperation in the year 1961. The The Rozhen National Folklore Fair is another most popular Festivals in Bulgaria. Rozhen is a major Bu...

Weather in Bulgaria - Sofia
Weather in Bulgaria The Weather in Bulgaria is varied and unique. The country lies between the strongly contrasting continental and Mediterranean climatic zones. Bulgarian mountains and valleys act as barriers or channels for air masses, causing sharp contrasts in Weather in Bulgaria over relatively short distances. The continental zone is slightly larger, because continental air masses flow easily into the unobstructed Danubian Plain. The continental influence, stronger during the winter, produces abundant snowfall. The Mediterranean influence increases during the summer and causes hot, dry weather. The barrier effect of the Balkan Mountains is felt throughout the country. On an average, northern Bulgaria is about one degree cooler a...

Holidays in Bulgaria - Sofia
Holidays in Bulgaria Holidays in Bulgaria are perhaps the best time to visit the country. Bulgaria has developed as one of the most important tourist destination of Eastern Europe. Travelers across the world are attracted to this wonderful land for its rich cultural heritage and variety of attractions. The public Holidays in Bulgaria are plenty in number. Some of the holidays are a national holiday and all the important government offices remain closed on these days. The holidays like the Grandmother March Day are not a statutory holiday and many of the offices remain open on such holidays. While planning Bulgaria travel, a tourist must take into account all the important holidays of the country. It is advised to make your trip in ...

Sightseeing in Bulgaria - Sofia
Sightseeing in Bulgaria The varied tourist attractions makes Sightseeing in Bulgaria one of the most favored activities of tourists. There are many sites of interest scattered across the country. Sightseeing in Bulgaria attracts tourists from all parts of the world. Marvel at the beauty of the mountains and see the varied cultural sites of the cities. The varied exhibits of the museums in Bulgaria are also worth seeing. There are also many natural mineral springs in the country. To attract tourists there are many baths and spas. The beautiful country of Bulgaria also houses many ski resorts that attract tourists. There are many cultural and historical places dotted along all the cities of Bulgaria. Some of these sites have also been ...