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Beijing Travel and Tourism

Beijing is located in China and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 39.9289° N and longitude : 116.3883° E.
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Great Wall of China - Beijing
Great Wall of China The Great Wall of China as some believed originated as a military fortification against intrusion by tribes on the borders during the earlier Zhou Dynasty. In 770-BC-476BC, the ducal states extended the defense work, and built large structures to prevent the attacks from other states. The Great Wall of China was eventually separated during the Qin Dynasty, which preceded the Zhou Dynasty. The Zhao, Qin, and Yan kingdoms were connected to form a defensive system on the northern border of the country of Emperor, Qin Shi Huang. In 214 BC the building of the Great Wall of China was on its way. The Great Wall of China took as long as ten years to build. The Great Wall of China took hundreds of thousands of laborers work...

Chinese New Year's Celebration - Beijing
Chinese New Year's Celebration Chinese will begin celebrating on the New Year's Eve and the celebrations will last for 15 days. The Origin Chinese New Year is the first day of the lunar calendar, so it is also called the Lunar New Year. And it is also referred to as the Spring Festival since it is the beginning of the Spring term, which is the first term of the 24 terms on the lunar canlendar. It was recorded that Chinese started to celebrate Chinese New Year from about 2000 BC, though the celebrations were held on different times under different emperors. They started to celebrate Chinese New Year on the first day of the lunar calendar based on Emperor Wu Di's almanac of the Han Dynasty. Legend says the celebrations of Chinese New ...

Town God Temple in China - Beijing
Town God Temple in China In almost every large and medium-sized city in China, one can find a Chenghuang Temple or Town God Temple. In the temple, sits a statue of the town god. Usually, there are one or two sacrificial ceremonies each year. The ceremonies are important occasions for both old and young. Who is the town god? In the old days, people imagined that the city was protected by a god known as Chenghuang (town god). Under his protection, people could live peacefully. Chenghuang's duty was just like that of the county head in feudal China. Taoists accepted him not only as an executive but as a law officer as well. It was believed that Chenghuang was empowered by the celestial ruler to exterminate evils in towns and cities and ...

Trekking in China - Beijing
Trekking in China Trekking in China promises to give you your fill of adventure, as never before. The country of China , landscaped by snowcapped mountains, offers excellent trails up the mountain slopes to indulge in Trekking in China. Avail the services of the popular tour operators or travel agencies in China to arrange Trekking Tours in China. These agencies will provide you with trained trekking guides to lead you along the various trekking trails carved out amidst the mountains in China. For trekking you are are required to carry boots, ropes and warm clothes which will come handy while trekking. Trekking Destinations in China - Kanas Lake, Daocheng-Yading, Meli Snow Mt.( Kawa Karpo). Kanas Lake - The Kanas Lake is situa...

Weather in China - Beijing
Weather in China The climate of China is characterized by variations as we move from the northern part to the southern part of the country. China Climate is marked by high summer temperatures during the daytime reaching to 30 degree Celsius in the northern part of China. The winters in the northern China are bitterly cold with arctic weather conditions. The climate in the central part of China is temperate as well as continental. Here the summers are extremely hot while the winters are very cold. The climate in the southern part of China is subtropical. China Weather shows variations as you travel from region to region due to the topography of China. China's Climate is characterized by wet monsoons and dry seasons which lead to t...