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San Jose Travel and Tourism

San Jose is located in Costa Rica and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 9.9333° N and longitude : 84.0833° W.
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When to go to Costa Rica - San Jose
When to go to Costa Rica Much of what attracts travelers and creates much of Costa Rica tourism are the natural wonders of this relatively safe country. It is safe and easy to travel here so this stable and peaceful country is beginning to enjoy the fruits of outside visitors. Tourism in Costa Rica is a rapidly growing industry that encompasses nature tours, surfing, deep-sea fishing and the ever-popular Costa Rica river-rafting. With no less than 12 microclimates, knowing what areas of the country you'd like to see and knowing about Coast Rica weather when you visit will help you decide when to go. Costa Rica climate in the humid lowlands is consistently in the upper 80s, while the capitol of San Jose, in the center of the country sees a ...

Tourists are Flocking to the Costa Rica Pacific Coast - San Jose
Tourists are Flocking to the Costa Rica Pacific Coast The Pacific Ocean Coast of Costa Rica is absolutely beautiful. The northern region is also much more developed than the Caribbean Sea or Atlantic Ocean coastline. The Pacific coast, which is continuously speckled with classic Costa Rica beach properties, is a 630-mile coastline that features many bays, coves and inlets that give the coastline its distinctive features. Costa Rica's Pacific coast is home to the famous Jaco Beach and many others like it. Most tourists and locales enjoy the Pacific coast because there are so many things to do in the area. For instance, visitors to the south Pacific coast can enjoy hiking in the Corvocado National Park or horseback riding at Rincon de Oso. And those staying on the mid-...

Costa Rica: Where the Los Ticos Are - San Jose
Costa Rica: Where the Los Ticos Are Costa Rica land is absolutely beautiful, and its people are warm and inviting. With the numerous Costa Rica beach properties and lush eco-reserves, it has become a hot spot for tourists from around the world. Both locations are definitely destinations that you should visit…even if it is just the “tourist experience” you're looking for. However, if you want to experience life similar to the natives, neither the beaches nor the eco-reserves are where you'll get a taste of the real Costa Rica. For that, you're going to have to head inland to the capital city of San Jose. That's where you'll get a taste of what the every day, not-so-commercial Costa Rican life is like. And if you're lucky, you'll get to live like a ...