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Prague Travel and Tourism

Prague is located in Czech Republic and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 50.0833° N and longitude : 14.4667° E.
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Holidays in Czech Republic - Prague
Holidays in Czech Republic It would help you to know about the Holidays in Czech Republic before planning a trip to this Central European country. Keep reading to know more about Holidays in Czech Republic. Paleni Carodejnic – This is an important pre-Christian festival that is still celebrated in Czech Republic to ward off the evil spirits. This festival is also known as 'Burning of the Witches' and is celebrated by organizing all night long bonfire parties in the backyard of the houses. Prazske jaro – This popular International Music Festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fan fare by music loves across the country in the month of September. Mozart Festival – This is yet another fantastic music festival celebrated i...

When to Go Czech Republic - Prague
When to Go Czech Republic The high season and the best time to go is in May or September, when weather is mild and crowds fewer. Many museums, galleries, castles and the like are only open at this time. April and October are chillier but you'll benefit from smaller crowds and cheaper rooms. In July and August hostels are chock-a-block with students, especially in Prague. In winter, you'll likely get to see it all under a blanket of snow; camping grounds are closed, as are attractions in smaller towns but the time is right for skiing and other winter pursuits. Most Czechs and Slovaks, like the rest. of Europe, take their holidays in July and August, and then again over the Easter and Christmas-New Year holiday period. Accommodation facilitie...

An Information for Tourist of Czech Republic - Prague
An Information for Tourist of Czech Republic A small country in the heart of the Continent, the Czech Republic is a sort of miniature Europe. Almost every architectural style and type of landscape is found here; the two exceptions are the desert and the sea (although the sea was once attributed to the country by none other than Shakespeare). The capital, Prague, has been given a number of loving epithets—symphony in stone, Golden Prague, City of a Hundred Spires, Prague's unforgettable atmosphere lets you forget what century you're in; miraculously, it has survived wars and revolutions unscathed. The city's architecture is a merry jumble of styles—square, gold-tipped Gothic towers (hence Golden Prague) stand next to opulent baroque churches and airy Re...

New Year in Czech Republic - Prague
New Year in Czech Republic The festive mood of Christmas continues with celebrations of New Year in Czech Republic. New Year in Czech Republic is synonymous with wild parties, lots of dancing and drinking, watching a fireworks extravaganza and hitting the most happening disco or pub in town. People flock to the streets and squares of all Czech towns and either queue up in front of an exclusive nightclub or discotheque or head to find a comfortable place for themselves to enjoy a magnificent show of fireworks as they light up the dark winter sky. Many restaurants, pubs, music clubs and concert halls in Czech Republic hold special shows or performances to celebrate New Year's Eve. Czech Republic New Year Tips for Tourists: You can vis...

Restaurants and Bars in Czech Republic - Prague
Restaurants and Bars in Czech Republic Restaurants and Bars in Czech Republic are the best places for savoring lip smacking Czech cuisines. Czech delicacies are quite heavy that includes lots of meat including some potatoes, dumplings or rice with sauce. Traditional and contemporary delights are normally served in all the Restaurants and Bars in Czech Republic. Czech delicacies include pork with sauerkraut and dumplings that is dished out with a glass of beer. There are a number of Restaurants and Bars in Czech Republic. ABA Cafe is a restaurant cum bar that is located at 4 Zitna, in Prague of Czech Republic. The interior decoration of this restaurant is stunning and the menu includes all the Czech specialties. Bar 39, which stands at 39 Siefertova in ...