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Copenhagen Travel and Tourism

Copenhagen is located in Denmark and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 55.6667° N and longitude : 12.5833° E.
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Weather in Denmark - Copenhagen
Weather in Denmark Weather in Denmark is favorable for the tourists who come to the country to explore its wonderful sightseeing places. The official Kingdom of Denmark is the smallest of the 5 Nordic countries. The mainland of Denmark is located north of its only land neighbor, Germany, southwest of Sweden and south of Norway. The Weather in Denmark is mainly temperate and is never too harsh for the travelers. The winters in Denmark are not too cold with mean temperatures in January and February of 0 degree centigrade and the summers are cool with mean temperature in August 15.7 degree centigrade. There is a lot of wind, which is stronger during the winter and weaker during the summer. Denmark experiences an average of 170 rainy da...

When to Go Denmark - Copenhagen
When to Go Denmark Late June, July and August are high season, with open-air concerts including the big ones such as Roskilde, street activity and basking on the beach. Other bonuses: longer opening hours at museums and other attractions, and potential savings on accommodation (some hotels drop their rates). Downsides: lots of other travellers celebrating midsummer with gusto. Mitigating factor: in late August, Danish kids are back in school - so you get the summer weather but fewer crowds. May and early June can also be delightful for a visit. The land is a rich green, accented with fields of yellow rapeseed flowers; the weather is generally warm and comfortable; and you'll beat the tourist rush. Although autumn can also be pleasant...

World Heritage Sites in Denmark - Copenhagen
World Heritage Sites in Denmark Jelling Mounds, Runic Stones, and Church - The complex of Jelling mounds, runic stones, and church is a unique illustration of the transition between the old Nordic religion and Christianity. One of the two grave mounds was probably the burial place of the Viking leader, King Gorm the Old, and the two runic stones are connected with the mounds. The first wooden church on the site of the present church structure was built around 960 A.D. when Harald Bluetooth introduced Christianity into Denmark, as he proclaimed on the larger of the two runic stones. The present church, a simple whitewashed structure of calcareous tufa, was constructed around 1100. Roskilde Cathedral - Built in the 12th and 13th centuries, this was...

Wildlife in Denmark - Copenhagen
Wildlife in Denmark Denmark is a beautiful country which is settled in Northern Europe. Denmark is one of the most celebrated tourist destinations in Europe. Clusters of tourists from various parts of the world throng into the city. Not only the sightseeing attractions of Denmark are worth paying a visit, but the Wildlife in Denmark is also varied and diverse. Come and have a glimpse of the Wildlife in Denmark with your friends and relatives. Wildlife in Denmark includes mammals, reptiles including snakes and various kinds of alligators. Colorful exotic birds are also found in the country of Denmark. So, if you are planning to see some exotic animals, then you should view the exotic Wildlife in Denmark. Wildlife in Denmark inc...

Things to do in Denmark - Copenhagen
Things to do in Denmark Things to do in Denmark offer plenty of options for the visitors across the world. Tourists can go for horse riding, cycling shopping and sightseeing or partake in sailing, fishing and golf in the country. With so many Things to do in Denmark, visitors will never get bored visiting the country of Denmark. Some activities one must invariably participate are. Horse riding: While in Denmark one must not miss out on this. There are horses to hire from riding schools and centers almost everywhere. Many riding schools offer riding holidays with half or full board. Munch at Plsevogn- These are sausage stalls. One must unfailingly savor the nation's favorite snack, the hot dog. These can be found almost anywhere in...