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Narva Travel and Tourism

Narva is located in Estonia and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 59.3772° N and longitude : 28.1903° E.
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A visit to Narva in Estonia - Narva
A visit to Narva in Estonia If there's one city in Estonia that gives off a truly different vibe than the rest of the country, it's Narva. Sitting at the EU's border with Russia, 212km east of Tallinn, this city of 67,497 is geographically closer to St. Petersburg than it is to Estonia's capital, and it pulses with the energy of travellers making their way across the Friendship Bridge, leading to Ivangorod on the Russian side of the Narva River. Indeed the city's skyline is defined by the imposing Narva and Ivangorod castles, which face one another across this historic river border, creating an unforgettable image of the frontier between East and West. Narva's role as a border town is nothing new. Since it was founded by the Danes in the 13th...