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Gabon Travel and Tourism

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Gabon is a country in west central Africa sharing borders with the Gulf of Guinea to the west, Equatorial Guinea to the northwest, and Cameroon to the north, with the Republic of the Congo curving around the east and south. Its size is almost 270,000 km² with an estimated population of 1,500,000. The capital and largest city is Libreville. Since its independence from France on August 17, 1960, the Republic has been ruled by three presidents. In the early 1990s, Gabon introduced a multi-party system and a new democratic constitution that allowed for a more transparent electoral process and reformed many governmental institutions. The small population together with abundant natural resources and foreign private investment have helped make Gabon one of the most prosperous countries in the region, with the highest HDI in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Gabon's people of the forest - Minvoul
Gabon's people of the forest On a beautiful recent morning in this remote village in northern Gabon, men sat in the ‘corps de garde' in the town square and women stood nearby with apprehensive but happy children running around them. In Esseng, located near the Minvoul District, members of the Pygmy ethnic group didn't mind missing one working day on the plantations – because on that day, they were expecting some very special visitors. A multidisciplinary team would visit the village to register the children for birth certification and vaccinate them against deadly childhood diseases. Too many Pygmy children have already suffered and died from these easily preventable illnesses. ‘Invisible', isolated and vulnerable Pygmies –...

Reserve de la Lope - Booue
Reserve de la Lope The Reserve de la Lope is Gabon's most accessible and most popular wildlife reserve, where you're likely to see forest elephants, buffalo and a variety of primates. Recently the reserve initiated gorilla walks in an attempt to habituate the gorilla population to the presence of small groups of humans. Tours by pirogue, jeep and foot are available. The reserve is a patchwork of rolling hills, Savannah and dense rain forest, and if you're lucky you'll see some of the largest mandrill troupes in the world.