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Berlin Travel and Tourism

Berlin is located in Germany and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 52.5167° N and longitude : 13.4° E.
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Entertainment in Germany - Berlin
Entertainment in Germany You do not have to worry at all if you are searching for entertainment in Germany. Germany is a country that offers you with a number of recreational activities that will no doubt, keep you busy and also give fun and entertainment to you during your vacations. The different entertainments that you can seek in Germany are: You can watch an opera show in any opera houses of the country of German. Germany is very popular for its fabulous opera shows. You can view a musical theatre or a ballet performance at the Hamburg State and the Semperoper. These shows are very fantastic and deserve watching them. You can also move on to the cinema halls to see a movie along with your family. Another entertainment includes at...

Where and When to go in Germany - Berlin
Where and When to go in Germany Germany offers a huge choice of regions (16 states called Bundeslander or short Lander) most of which could provide an enjoyable and fascinating holiday. Germany is also famous for its forests, mountains and lakes. Let's begin for the North: Germany has coasts to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. In this part of the country you can find the famous Fairytale Road with white, sandy beaches, resorts and seaports. There is also the city of Bremen, the Germany's second port; there are galleries, the town hall and the Roland Statue. The Germany's number one ocean gate way to the world is the international port of Hamburg; there are chic shops, elegant hotels and great museums. We can not forget Berlin, Germany's capital, o...

Berlin Zoo in Germany - Berlin
Berlin Zoo in Germany The Berlin Zoo, Germany boasts of being one of the favorite haunts of animal lovers, leisure travelers, and zoologists and conservationists of Europe. This zoo is home to a phenomenal number of mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, etc. All visitors are guaranteed a royal entry to the Berlin Zoo, Germany through its ornately carved elephant or lion gates. Currently, there are some fourteen thousand animals living in the Berlin Zoo, Germany, one of the prime Germany Zoological Parks. The Berlin Zoo, Germany has a unique and remarkable history. It was founded in the year 1844 and housed animals bestowed on it by the then monarch of Prussia. Though the Berlin Zoo, Germany grew in size and the number of animals it contained ...

The Seven Wonders of Germany Planning Your German Vacation - Berlin
The Seven Wonders of Germany Planning Your German Vacation It is difficult for to choose only seven places in Germany - Germany is so rich in history and the castles, cathedrals, churches, roman ruins, medieval towns and historic sights of Germany are myriad. Look for historic significance when choosing these unofficial Seven Wonders of Germany as well as getting opinions from friends and colleagues on what places they would most recommend visiting based on cultural significance. Almost every German city has a rich history and there are countless beautiful towns, castles, cathedrals, historic sights, gardens and churches, one being prettier than the last. Based on historical significance, architecture and popularity, these seven wonders of Germany make a great starting ...