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Bissau Travel and Tourism

Bissau is located in Guinea Bissau and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 11.85° N and longitude : 15.5833° W.
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Know about the weather of Guinea Bissau before travel - Bissau
Know about the weather of Guinea Bissau before travel December and January are the driest, coolest months and the best time to visit. In February the weather is pleasant, and you can party at the colorful Bissau carnival. Traveling is more difficult during the rainy season (June to October), when even major roads turn to mud and getting public transport to remote spots is a challenge. March to May are the hottest months, with daytime temperatures reaching 34°C (93°F) and humidity levels very high; daily maximums rarely dip below 30°C(86°F) throughout the year. Border Fighting Fighting between troops from Guinea-Bissau and Senegalese separatist rebels along the northern border has made this area unsafe. Travelers are advised to monitor local information and to avo...

Culture of Guinea Bissau - Bissau
Culture of Guinea Bissau The music of Guinea-Bissau is usually associated with the polyrhythmic gumbe genre, the country's primary musical export. However, civil unrest and a small size have combined over the years to keep gumbe, and other genres, out of mainstream audiences, even in generally syncretist African countries. The calabash is the primary musical instrument of Guinea-Bissau, and is used in extremely swift and rhythmically complex dance music. Lyrics are almost always in Guinea-Bissau Creole, a Portuguese-based creole language, and are often humorous and topical, revolving around current events and controversies, especially AIDS. The word gumbe is sometimes used generically, to refer to any music of the country, although it m...