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Guyana Travel and Tourism

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Guyana , officially the Co-operative Republic of Guyana and previously known as British Guiana, is a state on the northern coast of South America that is culturally associated with the Anglophone Caribbean. It is the only state of the Commonwealth of Nations on mainland South America. Guyana is bordered to the east by Suriname, to the south and southwest by Brazil, to the west by Venezuela, and on the north by the Atlantic Ocean. At 215,000 km2, Guyana is the fourth smallest state on the mainland of South America . Its population is approximately 1 million. It is one of the five non-Spanish-speaking territories on the continent, along with the states of Brazil and Suriname , the French overseas region of French Guiana and the British Overseas Territory of the Falkland Islands .

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Focus on Guyana - Georgetown
Focus on Guyana Set like a gem in the crown of South America, nestled on the North-Eastern shoulder, defying the raging Atlantic Ocean, Guyana's many waterways reflect the source of its name The Land Of Many Waters. This article gives a traveler the basic information needed when planning a visit to Guyana. Geography Guyana a real tropical paradise for naturalist, located on the north-eastern coast of South America, between latitudes 1 to 9 degrees, and longitudes 57 and 62 degrees west. It is flanked by Venezuela for one-half of its western border, Brazil embraces one-half the western and all of the southern border and Suriname on the eastern border, with the Atlantic Ocean on the north. With a land area of approximately 216,0...

Ecology and World Heritage Site status of Guyana - Georgetown
Ecology and World Heritage Site status of Guyana In 2000,Guyana submitted the Kaieteur National Park, including the Kaieteur Falls, to UNESCO as its first World Heritage Site nomination. The proposed area and surrounds have some of Guyana's most diversified life zones with one of the highest levels of endemic species found anywhere in South America. The Kaieteur Falls is the most spectacular feature of the park falling a distance of 226 m and exceeding the height of Niagara Falls (USA/Canada) five times. Unfortunately, the nomination of Kaieteur Park as a World Heritage Site was not successful, primarily because the area was seen by the evaluators as being too small, especially when compared with the Central Suriname Nature Reserve that had just been nominated as a ...