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Hong Kong Travel and Tourism

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Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, is a largely self-governing territory of the People's Republic of China, facing Guangdong to the north and the South China Sea to the east, west and south. Hong Kong is a global metropolitan and international financial centre, and has a highly developed capitalist economy. Beginning as a trading port, Hong Kong became a crown colony of the United Kingdom in 1842, reclassified as a British dependent territory in 1983, and remained so until the transfer of its sovereignty to the People's Republic of China in 1997. Under the "one country, two systems" policy, Hong Kong enjoys a high degree of autonomy in all areas with the exception of foreign affairs and defence, which are the responsibility of the PRC Government. As part of this arrangement, Hong Kong continues to maintain its own currency, legal system, political system, immigration control, rule of the road and other aspects that concern its way of life, many of which are distinct from those of mainland China. Renowned for its expansive skyline and natural setting, its identity as a cosmopolitan centre where the East meets the West is reflected in its cuisine, cinema, music and traditions. The city's population is 95% Chinese and 5% people of other ethnicities. With a population of 7 million people but land area of 1,108 km2 , Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

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Scuba Diving in Hong Kong - Hong Kong
Scuba Diving in Hong Kong Tourists on Hong Kong tours must try their hand in scuba diving. Scuba Diving in Hong Kong is one of the most popular activities of the region. Among all the thing to do in Hong Kong scuba diving should be given the top most priority. Scuba diving in Hong Kong is one of the most spectacular adventure sports of the region. The crystal clear waters make the region perfect place for practicing diving. Gazing at the impressive view of water and the splendid underwater world is a unique experience in itself. Do not miss the golden opportunity of scuba diving in Hong Kong as it is a chance to study and analyze the marine life. You can go for diving not only at the sea's but also at various marine parks in the region....

Tea Culture of Hong Kong - Hong Kong
Tea Culture of Hong Kong Yum cha (drinking tea) is an integral part of Hong Kong's culinary culture. A cup of steaming fresh tea is the perfect complement to every sumptuous dish. As any tea lover will tell you, the traditional drink - whether Chinese, English or Hong Kong-style - sends forth its unique, delicate fragrances to help shape daily life in Hong Kong. The ritual of thanking someone in the traditional Chinese-style yum cha has much historical significance. When you see tea-drinkers tapping the table with three fingers of the same hand, it is a silent expression of gratitude to the member of the party who has refilled their cup. Tea Culture The gesture recreates a tale of Imperial obeisance. It can be traced to a Qing Dyn...

When to Go Hong Kong - Hong Kong
When to Go Hong Kong Weather wise, October, November and most of December are the best months to visit Hong Kong; the skies are clear and the sun shines. The June to August heat/rain combo might push your endurance but there's a lot of sunshine and, after all, it's summer. Hotels tend to offer substantial discounts outside the high seasons of March-April and October-November. Travel can be difficult during Chinese New Year in late January/early February. Many prefer to visit Hong Kong during November and December when there are pleasant breezes, plenty of sunshine and comfortable temperatures. January and February are OK times to visit, but the temperature can drop to below 10°C (50°F).

A Variety Of Exciting Events and a New Tour Await Visitors to Hong Kong - Hong Kong
A Variety Of Exciting Events and a New Tour Await Visitors to Hong Kong Fall approaches and with it comes an exciting time in Hong Kong; a time of festivals, sporting and cultural events and the launch of a new tour. One of the highlights of this time of the year is the Mid-Autumn Festival, sometimes referred to as the Lantern Festival. It occurs every year on the fifteenth day of the eighth moon which, in this year, means 25 September. It is one of the most delightful Chinese festivals. It commemorates a 14th century uprising against the Mongols when, in a cunning plan, notes calling for a rebellion were embedded in cakes which were then smuggled to compatriots. The special sweet cakes, known as Moon Cakes, still feature in this festival today, along with colorful Chinese paper lanter...

Hiking and Trekking in Hong Kong - Hong Kong
Hiking and Trekking in Hong Kong Most visitors to Hong Kong know it as a shopping paradise, famous for fine dining, luxury accommodations, and spending money. But Hong Kong is also a tropical island, covered in green peaks and surrounded by a stunning ocean. Sailing, ocean kayaking, indoor and outdoor rock climbing, trekking and hiking, paddling, running, cycling, orienteering, paintball, horseback riding, martial arts are just a few of the active options of recreation available in Hong Kong. The island offers an excellent alternative for those seeking adventure, without sacrificing comfort. Hong Kong has plenty of hiking destinations. You could spend the next day mountaineering in the billowy foothills. For Hong Kongers, a trip to the hills is...