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Rantepao Travel and Tourism

Rantepao is located in Indonesia and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 2.9689° S and longitude : 119.8989° E.
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Toraja Land Sulawesi - Rantepao
Toraja Land Sulawesi Tana Toraja is located in the Northern part of the South Sulawesi Province. Situated between Latimojong Mountain range and Mount Reute Kambola. The arible Toraja consists of three groups. The Eastern around lake Poso, Western Toraja living around the Palu river and Kalawi in Centre Sulawesi. The Specific architecture of Torajan house has its own architecture form. Toraja house are shaped like a bout and the two ends are shaped like the bow. Torajan house is a compound buildings consist of traditional houses (Tongkonan) and rice storage buildings (Lumbung). The building are sculpted with ornaments of various shapes. The ornament is painted with traditional colour dominated with the black and red colour. All of them cre...