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Wadi Mujib Travel and Tourism

Wadi Mujib is located in Jordan and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 0° N and longitude : 0° E.
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Malaqi Trail - Wadi Mujib
Malaqi Trail Malaqi Trail, open 1st April until 31st of October. This is an exciting water trail. It starts at the visitor centre like the “Ibex Trail” and follows the same route into the nature reserve (see description). It leads quickly to a striking area of creamy white hills made of soft rock deposits. After passing through these hills, you begin your descent to the river Mujib; crystal clear, fast flowing and teeming with life. Small fish are plentiful, as well as frogs. Bright kingfishers are often seen speeding along the river channel, as well as circling birds of prey. Dense vegetation lines the river sides, making a stark contrast to the arid, naked mountains that surround you. The hike continues upstream along in the...