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Republic of Kenya is a country in East Africa. Lying along the Indian Ocean, at the equator, Kenya is bordered by Ethiopia , Somalia , Tanzania , Uganda plus Lake Victoria , and Sudan . The capital city is Nairobi. Kenya spans an area about 85% the size of France or Texas. The population has grown rapidly in recent decades to nearly 38 million. Kenya has numerous wildlife reserves, containing thousands of animal species. The country is named after Mount Kenya, a significant landmark and the second among the highest mountain peaks of Africa, and both were originally usually in English, though the native and the one intended by the original transcription Kenia was . During the presidency of Jomo Kenyatta in the 1960s, the current English of became widespread because his name retained the native . Before 1920, the area now known as Kenya was known as the British East Africa Protectorate and so there was no need to mention mount when referring to the mountain.

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Jeep Safari in Kenya - Nairobi
Jeep Safari in Kenya Safari Drive gives you the chance to explore the deserts, delta's and National Parks of Africa driving the latest fully equipped Land Rovers and other 4X4 Jeeps. When you thinks of a Jeep safari, thinks of Africa, specifically east Africa. Images of wildlife, the sun, endless golden terrain, exotic flora and fauna, tropical sandy beaches, strong smiling people with mystical lifestyles and traditions all come to mind. The beauty of the bush and excitement of a safari are what makes an African Jeep safari such a magical experience. Here in Kenya you will get the custom built safari mini vans and the 4x4 Jeeps. Pull in safaris and private safaris are there to fit ones needs and budget. Jeep Safari in Kenya is the best...

Dhow Trip in Kenya - Mombassa
Dhow Trip in Kenya Taking a Dhow Trip is almost obligatory and drifting through the mangroves is a wonderful way to experience the islands. You'll be approached by touts and would-be captains almost as soon as you arrive, but it's worth shopping around to find a captain you like and a price you're happy with. Prices vary depending on where you want to go and how long you go for. Groups of more than five aren't recommended as the boats aren't very big. Solo travellers joining an existing group to make up numbers will often be offered a great price, on the condition that they don't tell their fellow passengers how much they paid. As this generally means the others paid the extortionate asking price, it probably shouldn't be encouraged! Tr...

Diving in Kenya - Nairobi
Diving in Kenya Kenya is becoming increasingly popular as a dive destination. Kenya has another great wilderness area hid beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean, a wilderness just as rich, diverse and ripe for exploration as any of our game parks. Kenya was for a long time not widely known as a dive destination- but it certainly should be. The calm turquoise waters of our beaches lie in the protective shelter of reef after reef, home to a myriad bounty of sealife. Plunge below the surface and you will discover a new kind of safari- the world's finest scuba safari. The diversity and spectacle of Kenya's wildlife doesn't end at our shores. Just as our plains are a sanctuary for vast herds of plains game, our reefs are home to ...

Kitesurf in Kenya - Nyali
Kitesurf in Kenya The Trade Winds of the Kenya coast have brought the world to our shores for centuries. Now they are attracting devotees of the ocean's latest thrilling action sport- Kitesurfing. Perfect wind conditions, beautiful tropical beaches and ready access to Kenya's world famous game parks make this the most exciting new destination for ocean borne adventure. Nyali Beach, North of Mombasa is a 11.5 kms stretch of white powdery sand with a reef 2km offshore that provides a natural lagoon – ideal for starting out or learning to perfect more advanced kite surfing moves. Another prime Kitesurfing destination in Kenya is Che-shale around 25 kms North of Malindi. A small exclusive refuge situated on a deserted golden beach on ...

White Water Rafting in Kenya - Nairobi
White Water Rafting in Kenya One of Kenya's best adventure safaris is a rafting expedition along the Ewaso N'giro river. The trip can last between three and eight days, depending on water levels and accessibility. Full equipment and expert guides are provided for this ultimate adventure. The river winds its way through spectacular white water, with up to 30 kms of nonstop Class II, III and IV rapids, and seperate stretches of demanding Class V water. This trip also promises plenty of game, with the river itself home to both crocodiles and hippos. The banks attracts plenty of big game, and herds of Elephant, antelope, zebra and giraffe are usually seen along the way. Rafting trips in this area have even been known to encounter lions. Eac...