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Kuwait Travel and Tourism

Kuwait is located in Kuwait and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 29.3697° N and longitude : 47.9783° E.
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Culture in Kuwait - Kuwait
Culture in Kuwait When you peek into the culture in Kuwait, you will find that there is an amalgamation of the old and the new, conservativeness and modernism, tradition and creativeness. Culture in Kuwait has come a long way and has a rich history to tell. To better understand and befriend the culture of Kuwait one must get an insight into the art and craft, music and dance, architecture, religion and cuisine of Kuwait. Architecture in Kuwait is very unique and you will find that it reflects the presence of both typical traditional architecture and modern architectural styles. The only architectural features that were present in the Kuwait City during the 18th century comprised of a wall with five gates and two forts, one inside the...

Art and Crafts in Kuwait - Kuwait
Art and Crafts in Kuwait Art and Crafts in Kuwait is famous all over the world and enriches the culture in Kuwait further more. The Kuwaiti drama troupes have won numerous prizes and have been highly acclaimed all over the world. Some of the popular theaters in Kuwait are the Gulf Theater, the Popular Theater, and the Kuwaiti Theater. In order boost the arts and crafts at Kuwait the Ministry of Information in 1973 established the Higher Institute for Theatrical Arts to encourage the budding future artists in the field of theatrical arts and ethics, and to promote widespread theatrical appreciation and awareness. Another important institute which gives much boost to the art and craft of Kuwait is the Bayt Lothan in Kuwait. Music and dance in...

Festivals & Events in Kuwait - Kuwait
Festivals & Events in Kuwait Kuwait Tourism gains much of its popularity from the many colorful Festivals and Events in Kuwait. The Kuwaiti social calendar is chock-a-block with numerous festivals and events throughout the year. If you are planning to head to Kuwait, then do not miss a chance to experience the gorgeous celebrations in Kuwait. Among the various Festivals and Events in Kuwait, the Kuwaitis celebrate the National Day in Kuwait in a unique manner. National Day marks the foundation of Kuwait as a country in 1961. This national celebration includes public meetings, firework display and people getting together for a grand celebration. The National Day serves to invoke the spirit of nationalism amongst one and all. The Kuwaitis wear na...

Music and Dance in Kuwait - Kuwait
Music and Dance in Kuwait A look into the Culture of Kuwait, will tell you that the traditions of Music and Dance in Kuwait is quite rich and old. Before the Gulf War and Iraqi invasion there was a good archive of Music and Dance in Kuwait which was destroyed. However, after the Gulf War and henceforth liberation of Kuwait now again there is a renewed energy in the scenario of Music and Dance in Kuwait which is enriched by strong influences of Arab, East Africa and India. When we talk about the Music and Dance in Kuwait, then mention must be first made of the traditional music of Kuwait. This music is a mixture of the music of East Africa and India that was brought back by the Kuwaiti traders. Foreign traders who came to Kuwait also left the...