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Laos Travel and Tourism

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Laos , officially the Lao People's Democratic Republic, is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia, bordered by Burma and China to the northwest, Vietnam to the east, Cambodia to the south and Thailand to the west. Laos traces its history to the Kingdom of Lan Xang or Land of a Million Elephants, which existed from the 14th to the 18th century. After a period as a French protectorate, it gained independence in 1949. A long civil war ended officially when the Stalinist Pathet Lao movement came to power in 1975, but the protesting between factions continued for several years. 10.6% of the population live below the international poverty line of US$1.25 a day.

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Vientiane - City of Sandalwood - Vientiane
Vientiane - City of Sandalwood During my trip to Laos, this was our last station to spend one night. This is the capital of Laos. Vientiane literally “City of Sandalwood” is the capital city of Laos, situated in the Mekong Valley. It is also Laos’s largest city. Sri Sattanak, or Sisattanak is a former name of Vientiane. It is often confused with Sri Sattanakanahut, the Pali name of Lan Xang, the Kingdom of the Million Elephants. Sisattanak now is the name of one of the five districts of the city Vientiane.

Vang Vieng - Beautiful Tourist Spot - Vientiane
Vang Vieng - Beautiful Tourist Spot Vang Vieng is a very small village in Laos. But you will see the nature here. There is a dusty road near to my guest house I lived. I spent one night during my trip to Laos. The market is located five kilometres north of the town selling Lao textiles, household items and several stalls selling dubious foodstuffs. In the town there is a wat that is notable in looking rundown and keeping its valuables chained behind a door. The town is situated on the main north-south highway, Route 13 from Luang Prabang to the capital, Vientiane. But the real attractions of the area are the scenery, the limestone hills and the numerous caves and caverns. Perhaps the most interesting is the Tham Phu Kham cave, half an hour from Va...

Luang Prabang Trip - Luang Prabang
Luang Prabang Trip I really love this place. During my trip to Laos I visited Luang Prabang for 3 days. Weather was so cool, ride bicycle all over the city. Luang Prabang, or Louangphrabang literally: “Royal Buddha Image” is a city located in north central Laos, where the Nam Khan river meets the Mekong River about 425 km north of Vientiane. It is the capital of Luang Prabang Province. The current population of the city is about 103,000. The city was formerly the capital of a kingdom of the same name. Until the communist takeover in 1975, it was the royal capital and seat of government of the Kingdom of Laos. The city is also notable as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main part of the city consists of four main roads loca...

Luang Namtha Province - Vientiane
Luang Namtha Province Located in the northern part of Laos, Luang Namtha shares its northwestern border with Myanmar and its northeastern border with China. The province is mountainous, home to large numbers of minorities. The Nam Ha National Biodiversity Conservation Area is located in the southwest of Luang Namtha - a pristine habitat of dense tropical rainforest covering almost all of the protected area. UNESCO are funding a ecotourism project in Luang Namtha that will be capable of sustaining sustainable development in the province. The concept of the project is to provide education, conservation, management and sustainable economic benefits for the local population. The province is home to a 39 minorities the largest numbe...

Bolikhamsai Province - Vientiane
Bolikhamsai Province Bolikhamsai province contains part of the wilderness area known as the Nakai - Nam Theun National Biodiversity Conservation Area the largest conservation area in the country at 3700 sq km. The area is home to over a dozen threatened species including Asiatic black bear, clouded leopard, elephant, giant muntjac, guar, Malayan sun bear, and tiger. The saola (spindlehorn) or Vu Quang Ox - Pseudoryx nghetinhensis was discovered in neighbouring Vietnam in 1992 and sighted since then in Laos in the conservation area. Only two other land mammals have been classified with their own genus this century. The first live saola was captured in neighbouring Khammouane province in 1996. The capital of Bolikhamsai is Paxxan, w...