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Latvia , officially the Republic of Latvia is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. It is bordered to the north by Estonia , to the south by Lithuania , to the east by the Russian Federation , and to the southeast by Belarus . Across the Baltic Sea to the west lies Sweden. The territory of Latvia covers 64,589 km2 and it has a temperate seasonal climate. The Latvians are Baltic people culturally related to the Estonians and Lithuanians, with the Latvian language having many similarities with Lithuanian, but not with the Estonian language. Today the Latvian and Lithuanian languages are the only surviving members of the Baltic languages of the Indo-European family. The modern name of Latvia is thought to originate from the ancient Latvian name Latvji, which, like the name of Lithuania, may have originated from the river named Latuva. Latvia is a unitary parliamentary republic and is divided into 26 districts. The capital and largest city is Riga. Latvia has been a member of the United Nations since September 17, 1991; of the European Union since May 1, 2004 and of the NATO since March 29, 2004.

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Latvia unlikely to join euro before 2011 - Riga
Latvia unlikely to join euro before 2011 Latvia will not be ready to adopt the euro before 2011 or 2012 given the country's high level of inflation, Finance Minister Oskars Spurdzins said in an interview published here. The only (euro membership) criterium we don't fulfill is inflation. But bringing down inflation can't be achieved that quickly. We won't make it before 2011/2012, Spurdzins told the daily Der Standard. Latvia had originally planned to adopt the single European currency next year, but was forced to postpone those plans in view of accelerating inflation. In September, the cost of living in Latvia increased by 11.4 pct year-on-year, its fastest rate of inflation in more than 10 years. In an attempt to rein in price pressures...

Seasons of Latvia to Travel - Riga
Seasons of Latvia to Travel Winter Bridge over Venta in KuldigaThere is a lot of possibilities to practice winter sports - snowboarding, cross country skiing, downhill skiing etc.Ramkalni, Baili, Zviedru Cepure. Some of slopes are open till late night. Usually need car to access. International Ice Sculpture Festival in Jelgava, February International Festival of Cartoons - Bimini in Riga, March Spring As rivers get more water from melting snow, canoeing down the rivers is favorite past time for young people. It usually gets warmer after Easter. Easter - usually something is going on in town centers. Experience traditional Easter celebrations with swings and egg fight. Perfect time of the year to indulge in tradtional balzams -...

Know the Basics of Latvia before Visit - Riga
Know the Basics of Latvia before Visit Language: Latvian is the official language, but English, Lithuanian, Russian and German are also spoken. Health: No health certificates or vaccinations are required to enter Latvia, but visitors are advised to have an inoculation against tick-borne encephalitis, which is a problem especially during the months of March to October, if planning to hike in the country and forests or stay in rural areas. Rabies is endemic, and outbreaks of meningitis occur. Medicines are usually available, but it is best to bring a supply of personal medication. Health insurance is necessary. A reciprocal agreement with the UK entitles UK citizens to emergency treatment on the same terms as Latvian nationals on presentation of a Europea...

NEW: Guaranteed Baltic tours 2009 from 595 EUR! - Riga
NEW: Guaranteed Baltic tours 2009 from 595 EUR! The Multilingual Guaranteed Baltic tours represent a unique possibility to meet people across the border and win new friends. Grand Baltics company's best seller is Baltic Highlights tour which has 15 departure dates during the season 2009. 8 day / 7 night tour will take you to three Baltic capitals: Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn and such historic places as Trakai, Rundale, Gauja National park, Parnu. Welcome to join! For more information and bookings please contact us: info@grandbaltics.com Dates: MBH00: 09.04-14.04.09 Eastern special! MBH01: 07.06-14.06.09 Special offer! MBH02: 14.06-21.06.09 Special offer! MBH03: 21.06-28.06.09 MBH04: 28.06-05.07.09 MBH05: 05.07-12.07.09 Special offer! MBH06: 12.07-19.07.09 S...

11 Day Air Inclusive Baltic Capitals Winter Tour To Lithuania, Latvia And Estonia At $1,289 Marketed By Continental Journeys - Riga
11 Day Air Inclusive Baltic Capitals Winter Tour To Lithuania, Latvia And Estonia At $1,289 Marketed By Continental Journeys Continental Journeys offers an 11-day Baltic Capitals tour of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia at $1,289 per person, double occupancy, including three-night stays at tourist-class hotels in the capital cities of Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn, round trip transatlantic flights, a private tour of each city, all transfers, breakfast daily, hotel taxes and service charges. Upgrades to first-class hotels and travel between cities by private car are available. World Heritage Sites with well-preserved Old Towns, Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn contain a mix of Gothic and baroque architecture, impressive churches, castles, town hall squares and narrow cobblestone streets. As capitals of the first republics to break away from the Soviet...