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Maseru Travel and Tourism

Maseru is located in Lesotho and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 29.3167° S and longitude : 27.4833° E.
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Do something hilarious in Lesotho - Maseru
Do something hilarious in Lesotho Pony-Trekking at either Malealea, in Katse, or at the Basotho Pony-Trekking Center — whether your a seasoned pro at horse riding or a complete novice, pony-trekking is an extremely enjoyable way to see the Lesotho countryside! These organized tours give you access to parts of the country which you wouldn't see from your car. The exceptionally sure-footed Basotho Pony can take you through far-off villages and atop daunting mountains. Hiking in the Highlands. Contact the Department of Tourism, who will find you a guide, and then fly into a completely cut off village and hike your way out, staying in remote villages over night. You can also purchase 1:25,000 topographical maps for about 25LSL from the office of Lan...

Festivals and Sightseeing of Lesotho - Maseru
Festivals and Sightseeing of Lesotho Festivals Independence Day (4th October) celebrates the day that Lesotho achieved independance from the British Empire. Moshoeshoe Day (14th March) celebrates the life of the founding father of the country. In Maseru, the procession goes from the Palace all the way to the Sotho Stadium, and involves many people dressed up in Lesotho's vibrant and colourful traditional dress - usually comprising blankets and sticks and if you're lucky, the cat hat! Women involved in the parade will be carrying huge bundles of sticks, as they traditionally would do, whilst the men will either be doing traditional dances, riding horses, or herding bulls along the road! At the stadium, after the procession has arrived, there are milita...

With UNICEF Backing, Lesotho Launches Anti Measles Drive - Maseru
With UNICEF Backing, Lesotho Launches Anti Measles Drive With financial backing from the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), the Government of Lesotho has launched a major drive against measles that aims to reach nearly a quarter of a million children under the age of five. The campaign involves over 530 vaccinating teams not only targeting measles but also providing children with Vitamin A and de-worming tablets. Measles can cause severe health complications, including pneumonia, diarrhea, encephalitis, and blindness. This can seriously aggravate the already severe impact being caused by the complex humanitarian crisis affecting Lesotho, especially the effects of HIV and AIDS, UNICEF said, noting that the country has experienced a drastic increase in child an...

Malealea A truly stunning scenery, you love to see - Maseru
Malealea A truly stunning scenery, you love to see Set in truly stunning scenery, the village of Malealea, with its mountains, valleys and ancient San paintings hidden in rock shelters, is one of the gems of Lesotho. The best way to experience the spectacular landscape is to take a pony trek or wander on foot through the hills and villages. Malealea is appropriately advertised as 'Lesotho in a nutshell'.