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Mexico Travel and Tourism

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Mexico , is a federal constitutional republic in North America. It is bordered on the north by the United States; on the south and west by the Pacific Ocean; on the southeast by Guatemala, Belize, and the Caribbean Sea; and on the east by the Gulf of Mexico. Covering almost 2 million square kilometres, Mexico is the fifth-largest country in the Americas by total area and the 14th largest independent nation in the world. With an estimated population of 109 million, it is the 11th most populous country. Mexico is a federation comprising thirty-one states and a Federal District, the capital city. In Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica many cultures matured into advanced civilizations such as the Olmec, the Toltec, the Teotihuacan, the Maya and the Aztec before the first contact with Europeans. In 1521, Spain created the New Spain which would eventually become Mexico as the colony gained independence in 1821. The post-independence period was characterized by economic instability, territorial secession and civil war, including foreign intervention, two empires and two long domestic dictatorships. The latter led to the Mexican Revolution in 1910, which culminated with the promulgation of the 1917 Constitution and the emergence of the country's current political system. Elections held in July 2000 marked the first time that an opposition party won the presidency from the Institutional Revolutionary Party . As a regional power and the only Latin American member of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development since 1994, Mexico is firmly established as an upper middle-income country, considered as a newly industrialized country and has the 11th largest economy in the world by GDP by purchasing power parity, and also the largest GDP per capita in Latin America according to the International Monetary Fund. The economy is strongly linked to those of its North American Free Trade Agreement partners. Despite being considered an emerging power, the uneven income distribution and the increase in drug-related violence are issues of concern.

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Playa Larga Beach in Mexico - You will Thoroughly Enjoy - Mexico
Playa Larga Beach in Mexico - You will Thoroughly Enjoy Playa Larga Beach is counted among the topmost tourist destinations in and around Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. The white sands of Playa Larga Beach are simply superb and are favorite haunts for all those who are in love with the sea, sand and surf. The Playa Larga Beach is located in the southern portion of Zihuatanejo Bay and you can find the beach on your way to Barra de Postoi. The beach is only a little away from the airport. The Playa Larga Beach is not only famous for the sandy beaches or the lovely waters but also for the beach horseback riding tours. Before one reaches the beach they can take a ride on the horseback and within minutes they will have a glimpse of the lovely blue waters. The Playa Larga Beach is a ma...

Music of Mexico - Mexico
Music of Mexico The music of Mexico is diverse and features a wide range of different musical styles influenced mainly by Indigenous music . Many traditional Mexican songs are well-known worldwide, although most of the time their origin in Mexico is not so clear to the non-Mexican listener. Besame Mucho, Cielito Lindo, El Rey, La Bamba, Maria Bonita and many more are part of the Mexican culture and famous all over the world. Music on the East Coast of Mexico was very influenced by Cuban music in the 20th century. The Son Jarocho and Son Huasteco where influenced by the Son Cubano. Cha cha cha, Danzon, Mambo and Bolero grew importantly in Mexico, specially in Veracruz and Mexico City. Important song writers that influenced this whe...

The Climate of Mexico - Mexico
The Climate of Mexico The Climate of Mexico is supposed to be pleasant throughout the year. The climate can be be classified into two major seasons. These two seasons are namely dry season and rainy season. The dry season is the best time to tour the country as it is warm rather than hot. You can go out and enjoy sightseeing trips across the country. The summer season is predominant during the months of late November extending to early June. The other season is the rainy season which begins from June and continues till November. A distinctive feature that can be noticed about the Mexican Climate is that the mornings and nights are fresh, while the afternoons are the time when you will witness comparatively higher temperatures. But in a mo...

Christmas in Mexico - Mexico
Christmas in Mexico Christmas in Mexico is a special day which is celebrated in a large scale in the land of Mexico. It is a celebration which is observed with great enthusiasm. Christmas time is a fun time which all the people enjoy with great zeal and enthusiasm. There is a big difference between the celebrations of Christmas that is observed throughout the world from that which is celebrated in the country of Mexico. Christmas celebrations start from December 3rd and continue till February 2nd. There are various rituals and customs that are followed during Christmas in Mexico. There are series of religious customs and rituals that are followed as part of Christmas celebration. Firstly, the celebration is marked with the ceremony of V...

Festivals and Events in Mexico - Mexico
Festivals and Events in Mexico Festivals and Events in Mexico are very common to the local residents. The people living in Mexico celebrate a lot of events and festivals all throughout the year which are the integral parts of the culture of Mexico. The people in Mexico love to celebrate various event sand festivals which are generally based on several themes and cultures. Festivals and Events in Mexico play an important role in promoting and developing tourism. A huge number of tourists from various countries want to visit the place during the festive season and share the happiness. Mexico is the country of grand celebration and festivals all round the year. There are a number of annual fiestas that the country hosts every year. September is the ...