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Chisinau Travel and Tourism

Chisinau is located in Moldova and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 47.0056° N and longitude : 28.8575° E.
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Attraction of Moldova - Chisinau
Attraction of Moldova The National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History is the oldest museum in Moldova. It is located in Chisinau, the capital of the country. It was founded in October 1889 by initiative of Baron A. Stuart. At the beginning it was museum of agriculture and was situated in another building. The name of museum has changed for several times however the main idea – research of nature and culture of Bessarabia – had never changed. The building of museum was constructed in 1903-1905 by the project of architect V. Taganco. This is the building the museum is situated in till present day. Nowadays the museum is an important scientific and cultural center of Bessarabia which is also known abroad. The museum is d...

Religion in Moldova - Chisinau
Religion in Moldova In Republic of Moldova as well as in all countries of the former USSR the Orthodox Church has the greatest value in republic; it covers more then 96 % of orthodox Christian's population of the country. As to the population of the country in Republic of Moldova exists freedom of an accessory to any religion and it is guaranteed by Constitution of R? (1991). It is precisely told, that every citizen has the right to profess freely religious belief as individually as in the society, and also to distribute this belief, to send privately or publicly the cult in the case if it does not contradict to the law of the country- to the Constitution of Republic Moldova. And on the whole territory of Moldova safely lives common two ...

Moldovan wines won 9 medals on the exhibition “Interdrink 2007” in Moscow - Chisinau
Moldovan wines won 9 medals on the exhibition “Interdrink 2007” in Moscow Moldovan wines won 9 medals on the exhibition “Interdrink - 2007” in Moscow among them are 6 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals. These medals were given to the best wines and divines by such companies as “Vismos”, “Lion-Gri”, “Milestii Mici”, “Cojusna”, “Cvint”. Sparkling wine “National” by Moldovan-Russian enterprise “Vismos” won gold. Wine production of the company soon will be introduced on the Russian Federation market. Director of the agency “Moldova-Vin”, Valeriy Mironescu, notified that the results of testing competition gave encouragement to Moldovan wine-makers. The medals gained by Moldovan wines approve that Moldovan wine-makers are going to come back to Russian m...

Volume of air passengers operations increased on the quarter. - Chisinau
Volume of air passengers operations increased on the quarter. Within 9 months of this year volume of air-passenger operations increased on 25 per cent comparing to the same period of the last year. More than half a million people made use of national and foreign air companies services. More than 62 per cent of passengers flew by national air companies. Air Moldova is the leader. More than half of all passengers made use of their services – 263.8 thousand people. Then follow Turkish Airlines that conveyed more than 74.4 thousand of passengers, Moldavian Airlines (43 700), Romanian Carpet Air (38 400), Italian Meridiana SpA (36 600), Austrian Airlines (22 200), Moldovan Tandem Aero (17 100) and Romanian Tarom (11 500). According to State Administration of Commercial Avia...