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Morocco Travel and Tourism

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Morocco , officially the Kingdom of Morocco , is a country located in North Africa with a population of nearly 32 million and an area just under 447,000 square kilometres . Its capital is Rabat, and its largest city is Casablanca. Morocco has a coast on the Atlantic Ocean that reaches past the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered by Algeria to the east, Spain to the north , and Mauritania to the south via its Western Saharan territories. Morocco is the only country in Africa that is not currently a member of the African Union and it has shown no interest in joining. However, it is a member of the Arab League, Arab Maghreb Union, Francophonie, Organisation of the Islamic Conference, Mediterranean Dialogue group, and Group of 77. It is also a major non-NATO ally of the United States.

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Fez Sacred Music Festival - Fez
Fez Sacred Music Festival Fez Sacred Music Festival In June

If the term sacred music turns you off, think again. Artists from around the world flock to Morocco's spiritual capital during the annual Fez Sacred Music Festival. The event features performances in a variety of styles, ranging from local Sufi chants to haunting gypsy songs from Spain - a romantic setting for a fine selection of devotional music. The spread of the gypsy-inspired style is such that musicians from France to Rajasthan can find common ground - and they certainly do over the course of this event, with double bills and collaborative performances forming the majority of the programme.

To satisfy even the ...

Marrakech Popular Arts Festival - Marrakech
Marrakech Popular Arts Festival Marrakech Popular Arts Festival
In July

For ten days, the bustling city of Marrakech manages to cram in even more popular sights and sounds than it boasts already during the Marrakech Popular Arts Festival.

If Morocco is a nation in love with music and performance, the Place Djemaa El Fna in Marrakech is the centre of the show, with its daily bill of storytellers, acrobats and troupes of hypnotic Gnaoua musicians. During this annual festival, the Place and surrounding locations become the al-fresco venues for an even wider variety of traditional folk performances from throughout Morocco.

The El Badi Palace in particular acts as the centr...

Camel Festival - Goulimine
Camel Festival The people of Goulimine hold an annual Camel Festival on top of their weekly Camel Fair (every Saturday). Don't come expecting a recreation of Lawrence of Arabia or you might be sorely disappointed - the event is more of a tourist attraction than an actual market, but fascinating all the same. Once known as the gateway to the Sahara, Goulimine is now less of a border town - due mainly to the decline of the camel as a mode of transport. In an era when the 4X4 truck is a faster option (and, unlike the camel, doesn't growl or spit constantly), the traditional art of camel trading is now fading away.

The festival also offers the opportunity to witness the ancient dance ritual known as the Guedra, which is associ...

Roses in Morocco - El Kelaa Des Mgouna
Roses in Morocco Roses in Morocco

In May

For flower lovers, there are very few places better to be than in Morocco during May.

This is because an oasis in the Dades Valley provides an opportunity for roses to grow in abundance, something which has been particularly important for the local economy.

One of the largest rose distilling plants in the world is situated in the valley, which is also known as the Valley of the Roses, and it provides the scented rose water which is used in abundance in cooking and perfumes.

It takes ten tons of rose petals to produce just a few litres of oil, so the effort put in by the local farmers is rightly cele...

Imilchil Festival - Imilchil
Imilchil Festival Imilchil Festival

Celebrated in September
The Todra Gorge is a gateway to the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco, within view of a vast expanse of golden sand representing the western rim of the Sahara Desert. Two sheer cliff walls, three hundred metres high, rise out of the rocky river bed of a crystal clear stream, just ten metres apart. In the pleasant chill of morning, before the scorching sun had touched our tent, just through the gorge itself, stomach cramps set in. Luckily I managed to get well away from our small encampment before the full effects took hold. Explosive stool syndrome is never a very pleasant start to the day. We were obliged to ...