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Yaren Travel and Tourism

Yaren is located in Nauru and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 0.32° N and longitude : 166.55° E.
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Shopping in Nauru - Yaren
Shopping in Nauru Shopping in Nauru makes the travel to this country interesting. Nauru shopping mainly centers around art and craft items. While shopping in Nauru, also buy the straw hats, ornaments made from shell, liquor, electronic goods and cloth materials. There are various shopping destinations in Nauru. However, the best shopping in Nauru is done in the Menen Hotel boutique. This boutique is famous for its gifts and books. Other small stores in this hotel sell a variety of food items and other articles. Tobacco and alcohol are duty free in the shops of Nauru. The Nauru Philatelic Bureau offers a number of stamps that you can buy while shopping in Nauru. Besides, the items of arts and crafts are available from the small ...

Culture of Nauru - Yaren
Culture of Nauru Culture of Nauru includes details about the religious customs, arts and crafts, sports and food of the country. Nauru is a small nation. It is situated in the Pacific Ocean. This tiny country attracts travelers from all across the world. There are many exotic destinations in Nauru. Culture of Nauru interests many travelers. The culture of Nauru also has influences from the western countries. Religious customs in Nauru - The country has a blend of different cultures. The country was one of the colonies of Germany. It was also under the rule of other European countries. Some of the customs in the island have strong influence of these foreign communities. The people of Nauru Island are direct descendants from Pol...

Cuisine of Nauru - Yaren
Cuisine of Nauru Cuisine of Nauru consists chiefly of seafood items. Fish is an integral part of Nauruan cuisine. Nauru is an island nation. The cuisine of Nauru also makes use of bananas and coconuts. Spices are also common in Nauruan dishes. Nauru is a beautiful small island. It is located in the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Solomon Islands are the nearest nation from Nauru. Travelers come here for spending vacation. They would simply love the local cuisine of Nauru. Nauru cuisine depends heavily on the wild species of palm trees. These trees are used in various dishes of Nauru cuisine. Coconuts are another common additions in Nauru cuisine. Nauru has huge banana plantations. Bananas are liberally used in the dishes. De...

Restaurants and Bars in Nauru - Yaren
Restaurants and Bars in Nauru Dining is an integral part of your Nauru tours. There are a number of restaurants and bars in Nauru. The best restaurants and bars in Nauru are found in the Menen Hotel. Here, you will find two restaurants which offer a variety of cuisines. These restaurants also provide regular barbecues. Dining in Nauru is a great experience. During your Nauru tours, enjoy all kinds of delicious and healthy dishes. Since, Nauru is an island nation, sea food is very popular in its restaurants. Most of the restaurants of Nauru offer delicious seafood dishes. Fishes are easily available in this country. As a result, a variety of sea food preparations can be explored in the restaurants and bars in Nauru. If you go to the restaur...