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New Zealand Travel and Tourism

New Zealand Flag

New Zealand is an island country in the south-western Pacific Ocean comprising two main landmasses , and numerous smaller islands, most notably Stewart Island/Rakiura and the Chatham Islands. The indigenous Māori named New Zealand Aotearoa, commonly translated as The Land of the Long White Cloud. The Realm of New Zealand also includes the Cook Islands and Niue ; Tokelau; and the Ross Dependency . New Zealand is notable for its geographic isolation: it is situated about 2000 km southeast of Australia across the Tasman Sea, and its closest neighbours to the north are New Caledonia, Fiji and Tonga. During its long isolation New Zealand developed a distinctive fauna dominated by birds, a number of which became extinct after the arrival of humans and the mammals they introduced. The population of New Zealand is mostly of European descent; the indigenous Māori are the largest minority. Asians and non-Māori Polynesians are also significant minority groups, especially in urban areas. The most commonly spoken language is English. New Zealand is a developed country that ranks highly in international comparisons on human development, quality of life, life expectancy, literacy, public education, peace, prosperity, economic freedom, ease of doing business, lack of corruption, press freedom, and the protection of civil liberties and political rights. Its cities also consistently rank among the world's most liveable. Elizabeth II, as the Queen of New Zealand, is the country's head of state and is represented by a non-partisan Governor-General. The Queen has no real political influence, and her position is essentially symbolic besides five reserve powers. Political power is held by the democratically elected Parliament of New Zealand under the leadership of the Prime Minister, who is the head of government.

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Nightlife in New Zealand It's Vibrant - Wellington
Nightlife in New Zealand It's Vibrant Experience the vibrant nightlife in New Zealand as you travel through the major cities in the spectacular country. New Zealand is a paradise for tourists, which offers them an unforgettable holiday experience. To spend your holidays here is like a dream come true. Besides exploring the fascinating range of attractions, you can also try out various other activities. Your New Zealand Tours will remain incomplete if you miss the chance to check out the nightlife in New Zealand and feel the vibrant atmosphere and vivacity that the country exudes. The major cities in New Zealand such as Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown, Wellington and Canterbury and others offer a taste of dazzling nightlife. There are various means ...

Restaurants and Bars in New Zealand - Wellington
Restaurants and Bars in New Zealand There are a number of Restaurants and Bars in New Zealand that add to the charm of your tour to New Zealand. Taste the varied flavors that constitute the cuisine of New Zealand, in any of the Restaurants and Bars in New Zealand. No trip is complete without discovering the traditional cuisine and the local specialties, apart from the wide selection of international fares. As you take a trip around this popular tourist destination in New Zealand, make sure that you treat your taste buds with a number of tempting array of delicacies dished out in the Restaurants and Bars in New Zealand. New Zealand attracts a large number of travelers every year. There are a number of tourist attractions that enamor tourists from all...

Beach Tours in New Zealand - Wellington
Beach Tours in New Zealand The fun filled beach tours in New Zealand comprise one of the most enjoyable adventure tours in the country. Surrounded by the azure Pacific on all sides, the beaches in New Zealand is a fabulous place to enjoy long strolls or a sunbath. Some of the most spectacular and well frequented beaches in the country like 90 Mile Beach and Cape Reinga facilitate the wonderful beach tours in New Zealand to a great extent. The Far North New Zealand beach tours are enjoyable to one and all. Displaying a host of stunning and fascinating places off-the-beaten path, these beaches draw a large number of tourists. If you are interested in exploring the natural abundance of the country, taking part in the beach walks in New Zealand...

Dolphin Swim Tours in New Zealand - Wellington
Dolphin Swim Tours in New Zealand Dolphin Swim Tours in New Zealand sounds exciting and promises far more excitement and thrill than you are actually expecting. Swimming with Dolphins in New Zealand is an interesting activity and you are sure to have loads of fun while trying out this interesting activity. It is the ultimate marine adventure and source of recreation for locals as well as tourists. Dolphin Swim Tours in New Zealand offers you the opportunity to get up, close and personal with dolphins. New Zealand serves as an interesting base to try out various thrilling activities and adventures. There is a range of exciting day trips being organized for people to look at the marvels that nature has blessed New Zealand with. From nature tours to s...

Whale Trails in New Zealand It's Breathtaking Journey - Wellington
Whale Trails in New Zealand It's Breathtaking Journey If you really want to experience a breathtaking journey in the foamy waters of the sea, make sure that you have a booking for the whale trails in New Zealand. One of the most popular adventure tours in New Zealand, the New Zealand whale trails draw a large number of enthusiasts from all across the globe. Explore the underwater world of the huge marine mammals with the exciting whale trails in New Zealand. If you love to move with the swelling waters while chasing the whales, the action packed whale trails in New Zealand is the ideal trip for you. In fact, the strategic location of the country engulfed by the Pacific ocean makes the whale trail an integral part of the New Zealand tours. One of the most important an...