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Alofi Travel and Tourism

Alofi is located in Niue and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 19.0167° S and longitude : 169.9167° W.
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Caves in Niue - Alofi
Caves in Niue According to some European cave experts, Niue possesses the most spectacular and extensive cave system in the entire South Pacific. The spectacular underwater caves are dwarfed by the ones you'll be able to explore on land. They're easier to get to as well. Some you can walk to yourself, but for the best ones you'll need a guide. The key man is Tali Magatogia, a Niuean who's been running very special tours for years & can take you places that will make your spine tingle. What's more, there are so many caves within Niue that up until the mid-1800's most people lived in them. Source:www.niueisland.com

Shopping in Niue - Alofi
Shopping in Niue Niue is not a 24-hour, 7-day culture. Getting your shopping done requires a bit of careful timing and planning to avoid the inconvenience of running out. The islands major supermarket keeps limited hours due to the religious beliefs of its owners, so runs from Monday to Friday 9AM to 4PM. Outside these hours some smaller shops are open, but carry less range. These stores are often located in houses within villages – if in doubt just ask around! Traditional Art - Niuean weaving is considered amongst the finest in the Pacific and the local women are very proud of their skills; hats, mats, bags and baskets are made from locally grown pandanus in totally traditional, fully manual methods. None of the artworks yo...

Food in Niue - Alofi
Food in Niue A variety of Polynesian and European food is available in Niue. Naturally, many tropical fruits grow and depending upon the season most can be bought at the local market or 'makete' run every Tuesday and Friday morning in central Alofi, the capital. Traditional local foods such as coconut crab 'uga', taro 'talo', breadfruit, cassava, shellfish are also for sale – but be early! Niueans are traditionally very fussy eaters – their standards of quality and preparation are traditionally very high, and they are extremely proud of this; using it as yet another way to distinguish themselves from neighbouring countries. The very best range of traditional local food is found at the annual village showdays – each ...

Culture of Niue - Alofi
Culture of Niue Arguably Niue's most prominent artist and writer is John Pule. Author of The Shark That Ate the Sun, he paints both on canvass and on traditional tapa cloth. In 2005, he co-wrote Hiapo: Past and Present in Niuean Barkcloth, a study of a traditional Niuean artform, with Australian writer and anthropologist Nicholas Thomas. Taoga Niue is a newly established Government Department responsible for the preservation of the culture, tradition and heritage of Niue. As part of recognizing its importance, the Government has add Taoga Niue as the sixth pillar of the Niue Integrated Strategic Plan (NISP). Source:en.wikipedia.org