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Papua New Guinea Travel and Tourism

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Papua New Guinea , officially the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, is a country in Oceania, occupying the eastern half of the island of New Guinea and numerous offshore islands . It is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, in a region defined since the early 19th century as Melanesia. Its capital, and one of its few major cities, is Port Moresby. It is one of the most diverse countries on Earth, with over 850 indigenous languages and at least as many traditional societies, out of a population of just under 6 million. It is also one of the most rural, with only 18 per cent of its people living in urban centres. The country is also one of the world's least explored, culturally and geographically, and many undiscovered species of plants and animals are thought to exist in the interior of Papua New Guinea. The majority of the population live in traditional societies and practise subsistence-based agriculture. These societies and clans have some explicit acknowledgement within the nation's constitutional framework. The PNG Constitution expresses the wish for traditional villages and communities to remain as viable units of Papua New Guinean society, and for active steps to be taken in their preservation. The PNG legislature has enacted various laws in which a type of tenure called "customary land title" is recognised, meaning that the traditional lands of the indigenous peoples have some legal basis to inalienable tenure. This customary land notionally covers most of the usable land in the country ; alienated land is either held privately under State Lease or is government land. Freehold Title can only be held by Papua New Guinea citizens. The country's geography is similarly diverse and, in places, extremely rugged. A spine of mountains runs the length of the island of New Guinea, forming a populous highlands region. Dense rainforests can be found in the lowland and coastal areas. This terrain has made it difficult for the country to develop transportation infrastructure. In some areas, planes are the only mode of transport. After being ruled by three external powers since 1884, Papua New Guinea gained its independence from Australia in 1975. It remains a Commonwealth realm. Many people live in extreme poverty, with about one third of the population living on less than US$1.25 per day.

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Pacific Island cars powered by Coconuts - Port Moresby
Pacific Island cars powered by Coconuts People on the island of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea have found their own solution to high energy prices - the humble coconut. They are developing mini-refineries that produce a coconut oil that can replace diesel. From police officers to priests, the locals are powering up their vehicles and generators with coco-fuel. Inquiries for the coconut power have come in from overseas, including Iran and Europe. For years, the people of Bougainville have been dependent on expensive fuel imported onto the island. Shortages have often caused many businesses in this part of Papua New Guinea to grind to a halt. High energy costs have not helped either. Increasingly, locals are turning to a cheaper and far mo...

Papua New Guinea's Untouched Paradise - Port Moresby
Papua New Guinea's Untouched Paradise It's also been the unruly and troublesome neighbour with more than its fair share of bad press. Yet, with all the incredible diversity on offer, why can't Papua New Guinea attract more visitors? Despite the over-used term paradise applied to many of its tourism products, PNG can claim to hold a wealth of untapped tourism potential, ranging from unexploited surfing reefs, unspoilt dive sites, genuine eco-tourism experiences and pristine white sandy beaches in spades. But conduct a straw poll among your travelling friends and see who has been to PNG. Current data suggests that would be fewer than one in 10 and more like one in 20. Ask why not and the most likely answer will be concerns about safety and secur...

Surfing in Papua New Guinea - Port Moresby
Surfing in Papua New Guinea When we think about fantastic surf spots in the world usually the first thing that comes to mind are Hawaii, Australia, Mexico, California and Portugal. But there is another location on the surf map, undiscovered, unpredictable, un-spoilt, beautiful and exotic. This destination is perfect for the European surfer staring out the window of his apartment, office or car at the cloudy, grey sky and cold, wintery conditions. This location, a hidden getaway, distant and remote, will surprise even the most skeptical with challenging waves breaking of scenic beaches, reefs and points without the crowds. Few know of this place, travel agencies rarely offer this direction that is why it is a surfer's dream! The place in mind - P...

The Art of Papua New Guinea - Port Moresby
The Art of Papua New Guinea Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, has for decades been portrayed in the Western press as a lawless place overrun by ferocious gangs of “raskols.” However, these sensational reports have not kept collectors of Papua New Guinean art away from a store called PNG Art. PNG Art, tucked away on Spring Garden Road, has been a Port Moresby institution since 1977. It is run by Joe Chan, whose family came as merchants from China to the New Guinean province of East New Britain over a hundred years ago. Mr. Chan's store, the size of a small airplane hangar, is stuffed with art: spirit masks from the Sepik, smiling dance masks, colorfully painted shields, spears, fertility statues. Woven ritual costumes dan...

The Land of Beauty and Adventure - Port Moresby
The Land of Beauty and Adventure Arguably one of the most spectacularly beautiful countries on earth Papua New Guinea is situated to the near north of Australia and comprises the eastern half of the world's largest island. Within is geographical boundaries lay several hundred offshore islands large and small, some with unique flora, fauna and many diverse primitive village cultures. Separated from The Indonesian state of West Papua, along the 141st meridian this young nation stretches into the Pacific Ocean and is bordered by the Coral Sea in the South and Micronesia to the North. Contained entirely within the hot tropics and surrounded by oceans, heavy rainfall and high temperatures throughout the year have combined to create one of the largest rain...