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Asuncion Travel and Tourism

Asuncion is located in Paraguay and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 25.2667° S and longitude : 57.6667° W.
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Attraction of Paraguay - Asuncion
Attraction of Paraguay Eastern Paraguay Something a little more contemporary is the Itaipú Dam, the world's largest hydroelectric project (1350 sq km/526 sq mi), which is well worth a visit. Another sight not to be overlooked is the Parque Nacional Cerro Corá, an area of dry tropical forest and savanna nestled among steep, isolated hills. It possesses many important cultural and historical features such as pre-Columbian caves, petroglyphs and the site of Francisco Solano Lopez's death at the end of the War of the Triple Alliance. Asunción It's now safe to approach and photograph the Palacio de Gobierno, which is a major improvement on the situation during El Supremo Rodríguez de Francia's rule - he ordered anyone gazing upon it...

Food and Drink of Paraguay - Asuncion
Food and Drink of Paraguay Eat You'll find much of the standard South American cuisine here - beans, rice, with some Brazilian influence as well (fried bananas, pineapple). Also highly popular are empanadas (meat/egg stuffed in a pastry and baked) and milanesa (breaded and fried chicken/beef/fish) - these are considered fast food, and are also found in other countries in the region. If you order a hamburger at a restaurant, expect it to come topped with a fried egg. Asado (BBQ) is great, and prices are quite reasonable - 20000 Guaranis ($3.20 US) will get you an all-you-can-eat buffet at many nice places. 5000 Guarani is enough to pay for a hamburger. Paraguayan food isn't particularly spicy, so those who can't tolerate spices won't have probl...

Celebration in Paraguay - Asuncion
Celebration in Paraguay Paraguay's celebration of Carnival (February) is liveliest in Asuncion, Encaracion, Cuidad del Este and Villarrica. Government offices and businesses are closed for all official holidays. In addition to Christmas, New Year and Easter, prominent celebratory days off include Paz del Chaco (End of Chaco War) in June and the Fundacion de Asunción (Founding of Asunción) in August. Caacupe is the most important site for the Roman Catholic Dia de la Virgen (Immaculate Conception Day) in December.