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Poland Travel and Tourism

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Poland , officially the Republic of Poland , is a country in Central Europe. Poland is bordered by Germany to the west; the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south; Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania to the east; and the Baltic Sea and Kaliningrad Oblast, a Russian exclave, to the north. The total area of Poland is 312,679 square kilometres , making it the 69th largest country in the world and the 9th largest in Europe. Poland has a population of over 38 million people, which makes it the 34th most populous country in the world and the most populous Eastern European Member State of the EU. The establishment of a Polish state is often identified with the adoption of Christianity by its ruler Mieszko I, in 966 , when the state covered territory similar to that of present-day Poland. In 1025, Poland became a kingdom and in 1569, it cemented a long association with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, by signing the Union of Lublin, forming the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. The Commonwealth collapsed in 1795 and Poland's territory was partitioned among Kingdom of Prussia, Russian Empire and Austria. Poland regained its independence as the Second Polish Republic in 1918, after World War I, but lost it again in World War II, then occupied by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Poland lost over six million citizens in World War II, emerging several years later as the socialist People's Republic of Poland within the Eastern Bloc, under strong Soviet influence. During the Revolutions of 1989, communist rule was overthrown and Poland became what is constitutionally known as the "Third Polish Republic". Poland is a unitary state, made up of sixteen voivodeships . Poland is also a member of the European Union, NATO, United Nations, World Trade Organization, and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development .

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Holiday in Poland… Noclegi nad morzem - Warsaw
Holiday in Poland… Noclegi nad morzem When you start planning your holidays, you have to answer the question what kind of holiday is right for you. You must identify your expectations. But I know it's not easy. So what to do? Quick answer – enter: noclegi nad morzem or noclegi w górach in your browser. Don't worry - both have their own advantages. Does it happen to you that you find some good offers, but the price is too high? Here you won't have such problems. Great number of different offers gives you the possibility to choose the most suitable one. When you are thinking about accommodations at the seaside you have to decide if you want to live near the beach or in the city center. You can visit a small village to take advantage of its peaceful la...

Nightlife in Poland - Warsaw
Nightlife in Poland Nightlife in Poland is always active and throbbing. It is home to some of the best pubs and bars of the region. Nightlife in Poland also includes going to the movies or theaters and visiting the nightclubs which are the nerve center of the country's nightlife. The bars of the city provide a real treat at night. The bars are lively and filled with music, and well stocked wines. Apart from the many bars located in various strategic points of the city, one can easily entertain oneself in the pub and theaters of the country. Entertainment in Poland include movie going, which is also a popular way to spend the evenings relaxing and enjoying with family and friends. The major places to enjoy Poland Night Life are: Th...

Celebrations in Poland Ahead - Warsaw
Celebrations in Poland Ahead Poland is up to join the European Union. Now it' is just a matter of days even. There are many problems to solve, many fears to overcome but nevertheless everybody is preparing to celebrate that historical event. There many parties, concerts and other cultural events prepared only on the occasion of the European Union extension. There will be also many official meetings of politicians. Among the most important there is a speech of German President, Johannes Rau in joined chambers of Polish Parliament. Rau is to visit Poland at 30th of April. Two days earlier the Grand Theater will hold a festive concert, starting official celebrations of joining Poland to the EU. All representatives of the most important authoritie...

Restaurants and Bars in Poland - Warsaw
Restaurants and Bars in Poland Restaurants and Bars in Poland are numerous in number. Restaurants and Bars in Poland have perfected the art of providing cuisines that appeal greatly to the gastronomical needs of the tourists coming to this country every year. You can in fact find restaurants that create their own unique ambiance to try and make a name for themselves. Competition for providing the best cuisines is high in Poland. Some of the best restaurants in Poland are located in the capital city of Warsaw. Boston Port - This restaurant is owned and managed by an American couple. It is extremely popular in Warsaw for its food. The local items prepared in this restaurant are a specialty in itself. They have a comfortable eating place and even...