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Warsaw Travel and Tourism

Warsaw is located in Poland and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 52.25° N and longitude : 21° E.
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Culture of Poland - Warsaw
Culture of Poland Culture of Poland is really very rich. The Culture of Poland is associated with its history. The Culture of Poland has also been influenced by the Eastern and Western cultures. In the architecture and folklore of Poland, you will get to feel the influence of Eastern and Western cultures. Culture of Poland includes customs and rituals of the region. The manner and the clothing tradition in Poland have a touch of East and West fusion. During the 16th and 17th centuries, the royal person used to wear Eastern ornamental style. In their ornamental style, you can also find Islamic influences. The cuisines of Poland are another part of Poland Culture. Some of the popular cuisines of this country are Polish traditional st...

New Year in Poland - Warsaw
New Year in Poland Fun, frolic and fervor mark the New Year in Poland. Poland is one of the most vibrant countries in the central Europe. The country is blessed with unique charm of the old cities, serene and beautiful natural sceneries, captivating landscapes, lush green natural parks. The natives of the country are enthusiastic and fun loving. New Year in Poland is one of the most awaited events and it is celebrated traditionally. During the New Year, Poland becomes one of the major destinations for the tourists. The New Year in Poland provides an opportunity to feel the ethnicity and explore the liveliness that the country has to offer. The 1st day of the year is celebrated throughout the country, but the capital city of Warsaw i...

Shopping in Poland - Warsaw
Shopping in Poland Shopping in Poland is like a dream come true for the shoppers. It is a shopper's paradise, where you will find a good number of shops and items just waiting to be discovered. Shopping in Poland is quite exciting because you will be able to find a place to shop literally in every major city and town of Poland. Warsaw is the probably the best place to start your shopping expedition. You will be able to find a number of small and large shops that sell all kinds of items ranging from clothes to local artifacts. If you look far enough you will be able to find a number of invisible shops tucked into nooks and corners with treasure waiting to be discovered by you. Once you are finished discovering the small shops its...

Excursions in Poland - Warsaw
Excursions in Poland Excursions in Poland are a treat to the eyes. Beautiful scenery of the hills with surrounding countryside greets the sights every now and then. Castles, beautiful country gardens and bustling market towns present themselves before the roving eyes at almost every corner. So while on a visit one must unfailingly undertake Excursions in Poland and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Warsaw- This is the capital of Poland and the biggest Polish city. Warsaw is full of striking contrasts. It is extremely interesting to contrast how the city has come up after it disappeared during the Second World War. Krakow This is most renowned tourist destination in Poland. It is the old seat of the Polish kings. With its artist...

Wildlife in Poland - Warsaw
Wildlife in Poland Wildlife in Poland is varied and plenty. It is particularly found in the jungle and marshy areas of the region. However, the best place to spot the Wildlife in Poland is the reserve forests and national parks of the country. Wildlife in Poland is typical to Europe. However, the country also boasts animals which are either unique or extremely rare elsewhere. These include European bison, the tarpan wild horse, bear, chamois, lynx, wildcat, wolf, elk, boar and deer. About 28% of Poland's territory is made up of forests. Of all the trees in the forest, 80% are either spruce or pine. Despite this the northeast region abounds in scarce species as dwarf birch and Lapp willow, both of which is unique to Europe. Eu...