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Lisbon Travel and Tourism

Lisbon is located in Portugal and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 38.7167° N and longitude : 9.1333° W.
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Christmas in Portugal - Lisbon
Christmas in Portugal Christmas in Portugal is celebrated with great vigor, as one finds throughout the world. The visitors planning a trip to Portugal can come during the time of Christmas since they can also take part in the celebration in this country. The visit to this city will always be a memorable one since the place has lot to offer to all the visitors coming here. The presence of very good facilities of communication enables the visitors to move around the city quite comfortably. Celebrating Christmas in Portugal will definitely turn out to be a wonderful experience for all. Along with the local people the visitors coming here will also have a wonderful time during the time of Portuguese Christmas. The history of Portugal is very ...

When to Go Portugal - Lisbon
When to Go Portugal Peak tourist season is roughly from mid-June to September, except in the Algarve where it really only quietens down in the dead of winter. Carnival and Easter are two holidays celebrated with gusto all over the country and are worth going out of your way for. Portugal's high season is mid-June to mid-September. The Atlantic tempers the Mediterranean climate down south, where summer temperatures regularly reach 30°C (86°F). The climate is temperate, and you'll find agreeable weather just about everywhere (except in the Alto Douro and the Alentejo where summers can be painfully hot and droughts common) from April to October, and nearly year-round in the Algarve. Overall the wettest season is from November to March: t...

Culture of Portugal - Lisbon
Culture of Portugal The Culture of Portugal is deeply rooted and related to that of the culture of the Ancient Rome. It also has got a Celtiberian background which is a blend Iberians and pre-Roman Celts. The visitors coming here will get to know about the interesting history of Portugal which is really very long and is influenced by many external forces. This country is a home to many magnificent and wonderful architectural buildings, some of which belong to the prehistoric age. There are some superb works of art, literary collections and furniture. The literary works of the country have vividly described the events that shaped up this beautiful country and its people as well. Knowing the culture of Portugal will turn out to be an excit...

Surfing in Portugal - Lisbon
Surfing in Portugal Surfing in Portugal is an important Adventure Sports in Portugal. Surrounded by waters on two sides, the waters of the Atlantic Ocean sharing the long coastlines are prefect for surfing and sailing. Mild climate and varieties of waves makes Surfing in Portugal easy and very enjoying. One of the major destinations in Europe, Portugal is a world famous surfer's paradise. Besides great sightseeing attractions, the country also boasts of some of the great adventure sport destination. Tourists from all around the world are drawn towards the country, which offers varieties of sporting holidays. Surfing holidays is very famous in the country. The mild climate of the country is appropriate for surfing. The country exper...

Cuisine of Portugal - Lisbon
Cuisine of Portugal Cuisine in Portugal is characterized by full flavored and rich filling dishes. These cuisines are the best examples of the Mediterranean diet. The influence of the formal colonial possessions of Portugal is very much found in its different cuisines. This is found especially in the huge variety of spices that is used in the dishes. These spices include the piri piri which are fiery, small chilly peppers. Other spices include saffron, vanilla and cinnamon. The Portuguese cuisines have got Moorish and Arab influences. One of the most important bases of the cuisine of Portugal is Olive oil, which is used for cooking and also for flavoring. Garlic is very much in use apart from herbs like parsley and coriander. The bre...