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Bucharest Travel and Tourism

Bucharest is located in Romania and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 44.4333° N and longitude : 26.1° E.
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Dracula theme park to draw tourists to Romania - Bucharest
Dracula theme park to draw tourists to Romania The government of Romania, one of the poorest ex-Communist countries in Eastern Europe, has approved a plan to build a theme park dedicated to the fictional vampire, Dracula. It?s expected the park will boost the tourist profile of the Transylvania region which was the source of inspiration for writer Bram Stoker. His story was first published in 1897. The park will house a gothic castle with spooky effects, horror rides, labyrinths and also a golf course and a hotel. The planned location is near the town of Snagov, a lake resort near Bucharest. Dracula Park is a major tourism investment for Romania and consultants from London have been appointed to help raise private enterprise funding and sponsorship for the p...

Why should you go to Romania - Bucharest
Why should you go to Romania The Blue Guide Considered by many the most beautiful country in Eastern-Europe, Romania still claims regions that seem bastions of a medieval past long since lost elsewhere. - Fodor's Eastern and Central Europe Romania offers a rich tapestry of vacation experiences and tourist attractions and vacation experiences unique in Central-Eastern Europe: medieval towns in Transylvania, the world-famous Painted Monasteries in Bucovina, traditional villages in Maramures, the magnificent architecture of Bucharest, the romantic Danube Delta, fairy-tale castles, the Black Sea resorts, the majestic Carpathian Mountains, spas and much more. Bucharest – known for its wide, tree lined boulevards, glorious Belle Époque bui...

Romanians foreign tourists number boosts 15 percent - Bucharest
Romanians foreign tourists number boosts 15 percent The most popular tourism offers are rural holidays and tours followed by events, the mountains, the Danube delta and the seaside. We estimate a 25 percent increase for the next year of tourist's number signing up for Danube cruises, said the president of the National Association of Tourism Agencies (ANAT), Lucia Morariu. Most of the foreign tourists in Romania are from Germany or from Northern states. French citizens come in third, followed by Italians, British citizens, Japanese and Americans. The tourism agencies criticized the fiscal policy of the authorities, especially |the incertitude of the Value Added Tax regulations. Thus, the association's vice president, Gheorghe Fodoreanu, stated that the agenci...

Romancing Romania - Bucharest
Romancing Romania It is often the case that when a country has a bad image, or is known for the wrong reasons, the reality turns out delightfully different from the perception. Such was my experience on a recent trip to Romania. The images that the name evokes are of a despotic dictator, the darkest days of communism, grim orphanages, and crumbling potholed boulevards in Bucharest, a city in its heyday known as the Paris of the East. Dracula's castle and vampires invariably form part of the equation too. It would be impossible in anything less than a voluminous book to explain Romania's history, and the following comments only reflect my own observations. The Romanians are Latin folk, this being reflected not only in the name of the...

Romanian cuisine - Bucharest
Romanian cuisine Romanian cuisine is diverse, blending the dishes of the several traditions which it has come into contact with, as well as maintaining its own character. It has been greatly influenced by Balkan cuisine but also includes influences from the cuisines of other neighbours, such as Germans, Serbians, and Hungarians. An exhaustive study of Romanian cuisine is very hard to make, because under the same generic food name are sometimes included products which can hardly belong to the same category. For example, the category ciorba includes foods classified otherwise as iskembe, sour soup, borsh and even some soups. The category tuica is a generic name here, while in other countries every flavour has a different name, and somet...