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Samoa Travel and Tourism

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Samoa , officially the Independent State of Samoa , is a country governing the western part of the Samoan Islands in the South Pacific Ocean. It was admitted to the United Nations on 15 December 1976. The entire island group, inclusive of American Samoa, was known as Navigators Islands before the 20th century because of the Samoans' seafaring skills.

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Interesting Point in Samoa to see - Apia
Interesting Point in Samoa to see Papasee'a Sliding Rock 'Upolu 10km (6mi) SW of Apia off Maugafolau Rd Kids and adults alike have a great time skimming down the waterfall into a cool rock pool at Papasee'a Sliding Rock. Competition for a seat at the top of the main 5m slide can be fierce, but there are also three smaller slides to enjoy. If you visit during the dry season, check that the water level in the pool is deep enough to be safe. Lake Lanoto'o 'Upolu Central 'Upolo, S of Apia Also known as Goldfish Lake, Lake Lanoto'o is an eerie, pea-green crater lake full of wild goldfish (and leeches). It's a great place for a swim, but a little spooky because of alternating warm and cold currents, and the fact that the bottom of the lake ha...

Religion in Samoa - Apia
Religion in Samoa Samoa, presently, is a deeply religious Christian country, despite traditional Samoan culture being characterized as being tolerant of behaviors contrary to the doctrines of Christianity. Protestant Christianity has become the main religious influence in Samoa since missionaries from the London Missionary Society began evangelizing there in the early 1830s (among them was Reverend George Pratt, who also wrote the first Samoan grammar). There are many churches to be found around the islands, which are often full on Sundays. The constitution provides for freedom of religion, and the government generally respected this right in practice. Source:en.wikipedia.org

Handicrafts of Samoa - Apia
Handicrafts of Samoa Samoan handicrafts can be found at the craft market and some shops. These include the siapo (equivalent to the Fijian tapa) which is made from beaten mulberry bark, and then patterns or pictures are painted on with a natural brown dye. These pictures typically depict fish, turtles, and hibiscus flowers. The siapo may be used for clothing, for wrapping objects and even simply for decorative reasons. Kava bowls are sturdy, round wooden bowls made of varying sizes, and have many short legs around it. Kava is made up with water in the bowl and drunk socially using coconut shells to scoop up the drink. It is a ground natural extract from the pepper plant root and is used for medicinal and slightly anaesthetic properties. O...

Cuisine of Samoa - Apia
Cuisine of Samoa The travelers coming to Samoa from far and wide usually prefer to taste the real flavor of Samoa by checking out the cuisine of Samoa. Since the culture of Samoa has been influenced by a lot of migratory events which have taken place over the years the cuisine of Samoa has also been affected. All the travelers who have had a taste of the Samoan cuisine has liked it owing to the fact that it is not very spicy but it imparts a tangy flavor which is missing in many cuisines around the world. Tye ingredients which are mainly used for preparing the dishes are coconut milk and cream. The taste of the Samoan cuisine is sure to linger in your minds even long after you have left the place. The travelers coming to Samoa from ...

Samoa Beach Walk - Apia
Samoa Beach Walk Samoa Beach Walk is an interesting activity that is one of taken up by the tourists. There are several trail routes that pass through the scenic spots and also adventurous pathways that make it all the more attractive and engaging. Samoa Beach Walk also provides relaxing and thus relieves the tired mind and bodies of the tourists. Beach walking is taken up not only by the foreign tourists but also the local tourists for pleasure. The walking tours along the crescent moon-shaped beach roads include many tourist hot spots that are frequented by the tourists. Samoa Beach Walks through the old South Sea Town, the old churched and the clapboard government buildings are mesmerising. While on your walks along the beaches, y...