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San Marino Travel and Tourism

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Most Serene Republic of San Marino is a country situated in the Apennine Mountains. It is a landlocked enclave, completely surrounded by Italy. Its size is just over 60 km² with an estimated population of almost 30,000. Its capital is City of San Marino. One of the European microstates along with the Vatican and Andorra, San Marino has the smallest population of all the members of the Council of Europe. San Marino is the oldest sovereign state and constitutional republic in the world, having been founded on 3 September 301 by stonecutter Marinus of Rab. Legend has it that Marinus left Rab, then a Roman colony, in 257 AD when the future emperor Diocletian issued a decree calling for the reconstruction of the city walls of Rimini which had been destroyed by Liburnian pirates. The Constitution of San Marino, enacted in 1600, is the world's oldest constitution still in effect.

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Culture of San Marino - Beautiful tourist spots - San Marino
Culture of San Marino - Beautiful tourist spots The Culture of San Marino is rich and diverse. San Marino is one of the most beautiful tourist spots that are situated in the Apennine ranges. It is a landlocked enclave and is surrounded by Italy. It is a small state in Europe and it has the smallest population. The land is famous for the many tourist attractions that are present in the region. Knowing the Culture of San Marino would help you to be better acquainted with the country. There are many tourist attractions in San Marino. You can visit Acquaviva that has medieval origins. This is a wonderful country and is full of natural greenery. You can go to the city of Borgo Maggiore which has a number of monuments and museums that you must definitely visit. You c...

Shopping in San Marino - San Marino
Shopping in San Marino Shops which are lined on either side of the winding valleys will allure you with the tempting items. If souvenir hunting is your main purpose while shopping in San Marino, then you will find a number of shops which sell a number of handicraft items. Most of the people who live to shop will be amazed at the variety of products in the shops in San Marino. It is the sheer variety and the unique quality of products that will impress the shoppers. Most of the souvenir shops are known for their gift items like weapons, swords and B-B guns most of which belong to the medieval age. Some of these are rare, antique pieces which are known as collector's items. As Euro is the currency of San Marino you need not bother abo...

Things to do in San Marino - San Marino
Things to do in San Marino From sightseeing, shopping to enjoying the local delicacies in the restaurants you will have a number of things to do in San Marino. Sightseeing in San Marino will be an interesting affair as you will find a number of charming museums and architectural monuments which narrate the history of San Marino to the visitors. It is known that San Marino is the only place which faintly resembles the characteristics of Italian city-state. This small politic unit has its charm of its own and you will be delighted with the endless list of things to do in San Marino. All those who plan to travel to San Marino will be enthralled with the natural beauty of the place. As you walk up the winding roads of the mountains you will be ...

Cuisine of San Marino - San Marino
Cuisine of San Marino The Cuisine of San Marino is exotic and is sure to satisfy your taste buds. This is a beautiful tourist spot that is positioned in the Apennine ranges. It is a landlocked enclave that is drained by three rivers: Ausa, San Marino and Marano. It is the smallest European microstate and has the smallest population among the European nations. You must definitely sample the many dishes from the Cuisine of San Marino while you are on a trip to these places. The Cuisine of San Marino resembles that of Italy. It also bears close resemblance to the neighboring Emilia-romagna and Marche regions. The place has its own unique cuisine. The most well known cuisine is Torta tre Monti. This is a layered chocolate cake which depicts ...